Juliette's Big Girl Room

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The time has come to share photos of Juliette's big girl room! I know you all were waiting on the edge of your seats, so here goes. (By the way, am I a blogging machine or what?!)

The room isn't completely finished, but I thought I'd carpe diem and share where we are now. Maybe you guys can toss your two cents in on the curtains question mark. Also, I am not nearly the photographer my husband is, but he wasn't home when this room was unoccupied and clean, so bear with me.


This is the view standing from the stove in our kitchen, looking to your left. The room was formerly our guest room (you can see its former very sorry/very old state here), but "guest room" happened to be synonymous for "junk room" in this case. 

It took several upon lots of hours to get this room completely cleaned out and ready for Juliette's occupancy. As (I think) I mentioned previously, we wanted to move Juliette before the new baby came because the nursery is connected to our room, through our bathroom (making it easier to sneak in there during the night). 

Although it was kind of a stretch with a then-16/17-month-old, we tried to build up the whole "big girl room" thing to Juliette while we were getting it ready. I don't know if that whole thing really worked necessarily, but she does like her new room (and her new big girl bed). 

Here's what you see when you walk in the door...

Some details: 

The bed was in my in-laws' Arkansas lakehouse (and actually came with their house! So we don't know how old it is/where it's from). To make it lower, we put the box spring under the bed for now, and it's plenty comfortable for little Jules. We have retractable side rails from Babies R Us on either side of the bed. Many thanks to them for letting us use the bed! I think it's perfect here.

The quilt was made by Jonathan's grandmother, approximately 40 years ago. It is in amazing shape too! I wanted a multicolor quilt for Juliette's bed and could not believe my luck when Jonathan's mom offered this one for us to use. Total jackpot! Thank you, Nana!

The folded duvet and shams were from West Elm on clearance. The Euro shams were sewn by my sissy, from fabric I actually bought for Juliette's nursery and never used.

The heart pillow was bought for Juliette's nursery and purchased here, though it doesn't look like they have it anymore (I think it works much better in here). 

I'd love to replace the fan but we haven't gotten around to it yet ($$).

I mentioned in this post about the dresser (on the left), bought at an estate sale several years ago and in storage until now. The alabaster lamp was my mom's as a child, made over with a brand-new lampshade and finial. The giraffe was a sweet Christmas gift.

On the right is the little ikea hack side table I made a few years ago. The lamp is an estate sale find that was sitting around with no home, again made 100x better with a proper lampshade and butterfly finial. 

One of the missing pieces of the room is artwork for over the bed. I actually have something already in hand for over the bed (by one Andrea Ballenger), but am still brainstorming how to get it mounted/framed for hanging (and how to pay for it). 

Looking from the corner (where the chair is): 
See! We need curtains!

Juliette's beloved "DeeDee," the large pink mouse on the left, was a gift. We subsequently found the small mouse on the right, "Baby DeeDee," at a shop a few months ago and just had to get it! 

The bookshelf:

I'm not the most confident bookshelf arranger, but this is my current crack at it. Uncle Scooter is Jules' Jellycat collection patron.

My stationery and some other paper goods are stored in the bins on the top shelf (the bins have interior dividers!), and my envelope stash/other paper supplies are stored in the cabinets. 

Here's the chair corner (and location of the cockroach incident!). I would love to have this chair recovered sooner rather than later. It was purchased at an antique mall for $70, and we had it sitting in our living room...placing it in this corner was a last-minute decision. Work with what you have, right? I think it works (especially since the majority of our reading now takes place on the bed).

The blanket was knitted by Jules' Grammy (my mom) after she was born, while she sat up in the night with me while I nursed.  :)  The little lace pillows were pilfered from my Granny's condo before she moved, and I got the knitted Mickey at Disneyland this past August when Marth and I visited our bro.

The amazing J table was made by Juliette's "Uncle" Grant, and stained by Daddy.

The "For Like Ever" poster (here)... I know, I know, it is all over blogland ever since the Domino cover. I just loved it and thought it would be really cute and punchy in here. 

The rug is from Urban Outfitters and a really amazing price for an 8x10. Since we got such a good price on the rug (and it's of corresponding quality), I sprung for an extra thick & extra awesome rug pad from our local rug store (Kiser's). I don't think it'd stay in place very well with a thinner or smaller rug pad.

Here are Juliette's play kitchen and toys! 

I'd love to get a little bench or something for this wall, but it definitely works for now.

This wall-hanging configuration is not at all my finest, but I guess it's ok for now. I definitely wanted to hang Jonny's mandolin (this past year's Christmas gift from me! I'm proud of that one) on this wall, and the other three pieces were moved over from the nursery (Juliette's name in Scrabble letters, the Romeo & Juliet quote by Andrea Ballenger, and the baby fox print). The platter I had in my serving pieces stash. I have a mirror that I need to hang up too. 

Here's another piece from the nursery, also by Andrea Ballenger. It looks so sweet against these pink walls. (A closer look at it is here...Juliette's name is on the bunting.) The closet door also needs one of those little things in the handle, what are they called?

We used this paint color in the nursery, on the dresser, so I knew I liked it already... White Beet from Sherwin Williams. I didn't know how well it would work on these walls, but it's absolutely perfect. You can see from the photos how it looks really really light in some light, and more pink in others. It's not too pink for me.

So the glaring missing piece in the room is CURTAINS! I found what I thought was the perfect fabric at Jo-Ann, but proceeded to have a nightmarish experience trying to acquire it, and had to abort the mission. Back to square one. Haven't seen anything yet that I like nearly as much as that other fabric. Originally, I thought maybe a red ticking stripe would work, but it was way too light-colored when I held up the sample. Anyone have any ideas? 

I am extremely indebted to my talented sister-in-law, the beautiful Amanda Jerkins, for helping so much with the room! She provided invaluable suggestions, advice, and endured a million annoying texts from me while we were working on it. Thank you, Amanda!!!

Thank you to my friend Laura for coming to help me clean out the parts of the room that were making me stuck and frozen (see: bookshelves, closet). You are a master! Also thank you to our good pals Burkes and Redings for taking Juliette to the zoo one Saturday afternoon so we could paint, undistracted... :)  Much appreciated. And to my darling mommy for coming to the rescue on my laundry room, and other stuff we cleaned out of here. I love you.

I love spending time in the room (roach notwithstanding!), but of course, I am just mostly thrilled how much Juliette likes it! She is always proud to show visitors her big girl bed, and luckily, took very quickly to this being her room. We're very lucky that she didn't have any problems taking so well to her new space. 

Whew! (I forgot how long these posts take!)

Believe it or not, I actually took photos of Molly's updated nursery while taking taking these, so I'll be back to share those soon!


  1. even cuter in person!!

  2. Darling! Wish I could see it in person. I especially love that quilt...what a score! And the table...seriously...is there anything Grant can't do?

  3. What a sweet big girl room. It's lovely. Those pink walls remind me of Sylvie's room at our old house. Pretty color.

  4. You are SUCH a blogging machine! Love that play kitchen.


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