A List, Featuring Crystal Light

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

deep thoughts ahead!

1. Crystal Light: daily I think to myself, am I the world's biggest fan? Is this an unhealthy love? Are my insides coated with light pink powder? Being home, and breastfeeding, I am consuming a large amount of this daily (I do force myself to drink several glasses of water here and there). Dang that strawberry-kiwi is so good, my first love. I made some decaf lemon iced tea today to switch things up. We also love the peach-mango green tea and of course, the original Guinn staple, peach tea. Jonathan loves the cherry-pomegranate, which I do like, but it's pretty potent. Thank you, Crystal Light, for brightening up my beverage consumption.

2. Some of you might have seen this photo I posted on instagram today (I'm @lesliejerkins):

We are on Day 5 of no working dishwasher in the Jerkins household. Man, it's a drag. I GREATLY admire people who live this way 24/7. I do not have the fortitude (or maybe it's because we're supposed to have a working dishwasher and are used to it?).

Before my dramatics get the best of me, I should let you know it will probably/hopefully be fixed tomorrow.

3. Dawson's Creek (via Amazon Prime) and I have been spending a lot of time together over the last 5 weeks. I watched the show live through high school (and I guess into college?) and had been looking forward to an excuse to get reacquainted. All I have to say is...a lot happens in 15 years! Their clothes! The hair styles! Carpenter jeans (on girls!)? Jen's season 2 haircut (the WORST!)? It's all pretty hilarious to watch in 2013. I mean, I thought they were all so cool when this show was going on.

Taking a little more serious turn here with a preface: I'm not going to dare to dive into any of my specific opinions about this topic in this space/time...BUT I have to say that watching the episodes where Jack realizes he's gay and comes out have made me glad for the progress our culture has made over the past decade and a half. If I'm remembering correctly, he was one of the first major characters on a show to do so. The commentary/reactions and verbiage surrounding this plot line would be completely unacceptable in this day and time. And for that, I am glad.

Reality check: James Van Der Beek is now 36 years old (AND shares a birthday with my second born).

(Hurrah! A post not entirely about babies!)


  1. I remember when I was single, sitting in a booth at Jason's Deli next to a booth full of young moms, saying to myself, "I will NEVER sit around with my girlfriends and talk about nothing but our kids!" I've been reminded of that moment several times in my few years as a young mom. Funny how things change. And about Dawson's Creek. Pacey made it with his teacher. I can't believe we watched that as kids!

    1. Watching that Pacey thing this time was G-R-O-O-S-S. I mean, he was supposedly 15!

  2. Our first little newlywed rental house did not have a dishwasher and to this day I am so thankful for that appliance. I don't think I've ever gotten over that year without it! One thing I never take for granted!


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