7 years, Not Itchy

Monday, April 22, 2013

I love this man!  (Even if he does look really confused in this photo? Why? Wish I remembered...)

4-22-06, one of the best days ever.

In 7 years, we've ...

  • Lived in 2 houses, in 1 city
  • Had 3 cars
  • Worked in 5 combined jobs
  • Attended two schools (JRJ)
  • Had 1 cat, 1 fish (RIP)
  • Given birth to 2 children
  • Established our family
(A lot of that list actually isn't that crazy for 7 whole years? Are we homebodies? We're homebodies, Jonny)

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p.s. THANK YOU for the comments on the no-shoes post. After re-reading the post, I realized that I didn't make the connection between my first point, which was how much I hate going barefoot, and the concept of a no-shoe house. The point is-- I've realized, when barefoot, how much I hate stepping in miscellaneous dirts/crumbs that are trekked into my house. The other point being I fear visiting a friend's house and being asked to go barefoot on their mysterious floors (yipes!). So yes, maybe we'll do no shoes for us, but not ask it of guests (unless they want to).

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