My Girl

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The days of having one "my girl" are quickly drawing to a close.

She's 18 months old and delightful.

A dear friend had told me about the weeks before her second daughter came she got all emotional for her older daughter, losing her baby's a very complicated thing to feel, and I couldn't have really anticipated it fully, before now.

I know logically that this little sister will be maybe the best gift we could ever give Juliette. I am not worried about falling in love with this baby, loving her as much as I love Juliette, or any of that really... I just feel sort of guilty for tossing this still-so-baby Jules into a completely different life that she has no way of being prepared for (or even understanding at all!). I am emotional over our "last such-and-suches" as just the two of us (or three of us, with Daddy). Things will never, ever be the same. I know that somehow, in an instant, it will be alright. It will be more than will be the best, better than we could've imagined. I am anticipating this to be one of the mysterious ways God equips and blesses us as mommies, opening our hearts in inexplicable ways for more than one child.

But it's still making me all weepy and stuff.

(Aren't these little piggies/ponytails just killing you?)

She loves donut holes. I mean, who doesn't?


  1. Little Juliette is going to love her sister. You and Jules will relate in life, not knowing how life was without your sister, and Molly won't either! It will be a very sweet relationship between all three of you!

  2. DANG she is cute!!!! She will never remember life without a sister! I know I definitely don't! Love love love those piggies!


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