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Friday, February 08, 2013

Jonathan and I both got iPhone 4Ss right around the time they came out (a little over a year ago?). If you remember, these were the ones with a major upgrade in the camera department (I know, I know, the 5 is even better). I was so excited to ditch my 3S and take non-fuzzy/respectable photos of my then-5-month-old. Because, let's be honest, the greatest in-the-moment photos are taken with our phones these days.

We were also excited because the video quality was so much better. Yay, we thought...good video of our kiddo (we never got a flip cam, as I talked about before). What we didn't take into account, me especially, was running out of memory on our phones. The more "awesome" photos and videos we took of our little chick, the less room there was. This resulted in being able to capture 20-30 second clips, tops. So eh, not much footage when you really think about it.

When baby #2's impending arrival became obvious, my dear husband started researching other video camera options. Should we just get a video camera that does just video? A flip cam? Or another camera-camera with video capability? Coinciding with this research project was Project Junk Guest Room Clean-Out, in which we cleaned out both of our closets (and consolidated), along with a bunch of other stuff. My dad's motto has always been "convert to cash," which is what we were able to do with a lot of our unused/cleaned-out guest room finds (think old electronics, Polo shirts, etc). With Jonny's e-Bay store going strong right after Christmas, we were able to pool together the profits and some Christmas $, and purchase a new DSLR camera with HD video capability.

That might be the longest introduction ever (sorry!) for this little music video that Jonathan made of our gal... his first foray into video editing (thanks to iMovie), and first project made possible by our new camera. I'm so excited to have this treasure in the Jerkins Family Vault and share it with you...and remember Jules exactly as she was around 17 months old (minus the goofy pregnant Mommy dancing clip, bleh). 

Great job, Daddy! 

p.s. That Thing You Do! is one of our all-time favorite movies. Isn't is so great?


  1. Oh my gosh, cutest video ever! And you are such a sweet family :)

  2. That is one of the sweetest videos I've ever seen-- almost better than Christian the lion! Love her!

  3. So great! Love it! What camera did you finally decide on?

  4. Love, Love LOVE this!!

  5. Can't stop watching it! Seriously, the cutest thing ever.

  6. so wonderful! I'm way impressed with Jonathan's skills. and how cute is Juliette in pretty much every scene? especially in her sweet polka-dot dress AND rainboots? love.


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