Thursday, February 28, 2013

...these last days as a family of 3. Every morning, we've woken up and there's no [new] baby... but here, there's this darling toddler bursting with new words, new concepts, new abilities, something always new...I try to take pause, staring her in the face, taking in who she is at this very second because I know the day will come when I can't imagine it was just her and us.

She's loving getting pigtails in for school (maybe because she gets to watch a Cookie Monster song or video on the computer while I do them?)

Things I want to remember about Juliette at 18 months old:

- Every single one of her words and exactly how they sound! (oh how I wish this was possible, to have a record of each). From play-dough ("peee-dough") to Cookie ("too-kee") that little voice is just the sweetest sound. You should hear her say "cereal"....more like "sher-ral."
- How much she loves the bedtime trifecta of DeeDee, lovey, and paci.
- Favorite video right now is "A-choo" (Sesame Street episode about Snuffy being allergic to Big Bird's dust bath)
- Pushing things around in the laundry basket that she collects from all over the house
- She looooooves to go "ou-side!"
- Asking if people are "a wok" (at work)...Mommy, Daddy, Uncle T
- Saying her name! I know it's a toughie! "Jee-jette" and can say "Jules" too
- Assigning objects to people, "Mommy's sock," "Daddy's shirt," "Jee-Jette's shoe"
- Loves taking baths and showers, and asks for "bubbles!"
- She loves the songs "Happy & You Know It," "You Are My Sunshine," "Umbrella" (yes by Rihanna), "Wheels on the Bus," "Jesus Loves Me," "Ring Around the Rosy" (loves to fall down), and we have been training (yes, training) with the Sound of Music soundtrack, as well as a few songs from Mary Poppins (always asks for "mo" /more when they're over).
- Favorite foods right now? I'd have to say spaghetti. Lilly's mommy brought us some spaghetti a few nights ago, and she wolfed it down two nights in a row. She likes pizza but I don't know if it's the pizza itself or saying the word "pee-zhaaa" that is more fun.

I love this girl to pieces. We have been telling her that baby sister is in Mommy's belly, and I think they talk about it at school a lot, too. She is really good at saying the baby's name. However, she does not "get" that a baby sister is coming our way...she still thinks there's a baby in her belly over half the time, or in Daddy's...but I absolutely cannot wait to see her meet the new baby. I wonder if she will connect the dots?


I have (of course) been thinking a lot lately about the antsy-ness that comes in the final weeks of pregnancy. Most of it may be from physical discomfort, yes, but also it's knowing that a life-changing event is right around the corner, so close you can almost taste it. Add to this the surprise element (when will this happen?! it could be any minute) and it's hard not to be a little jumpy and excited!

But I've also been thinking about how this story, the upcoming story of our baby's birth, is going to be written in just the snap of my fingers. Once the events start to unfold, she'll be here before we know it and the anticipation of the how and the when will be over. It's helping me not to wish away these last days too too much, knowing that soon and very soon, it'll all be in the rear-view mirror, tidied up and known...the story of a birth. I don't want to take any of it for granted.


  1. it's crazy how quickly, with a baby, life goes from waiting and wondering to you're here and we're in love! all in a flash.

    I have friends who are expecting their first soon, and I am trying to urge them to savor every minute of the leading-up-to instead of wishing it would happen already. I know it's hard, though!

    thinking of y'all, with much excitement, love, and good wishes.

  2. Thinking of you in these final days! Wish I could pop over with dinner and a snuggle with Molly :)


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