17 Months to Remember

Friday, January 11, 2013

Doesn't she look so old here?

Here is a list of things I want to remember about my Juliette at 17 months old:


You love an audience. You are not shy in the least, and do not get scared by strangers. In fact, whenever we go shopping or anywhere in public, you will wave to most of the passersby and say "Hi."  (They rarely hear you but you do not seem to notice. I'm glad because my feathers are ruffled enough for you.)

This links in nicely with Favorite Pastime #2: dancing, bopping, clapping—you are truly a victim of the beat. You just can't help yourself and you're usually ready to perform. My favorites are the moves that are kinda in slow-mo, involving  knees and arms that kinda emulate surfing. The silly songs your daddy and I continue to make up somehow continue to calm you down when you're squirmy or upset about something. Case in point: your winter coat has a hood. You do not like to wear the hood unless I sing the hood's [pretty dumb] theme song, "Little Red Riding Hood." See?

You're getting really great at communicating what you want. Luckily this means a lot of whining has been nipped in the bud, with learning words like “help,” which you now use frequently when you need help with something. Another new one (that I don't really remember teaching you) is "up"--oftentimes I will be sitting on the floor to play with you, in my very pregnant/rotund/settled way, and you'll walk over and push up underneath my knee and say very clearly "up....up." So, I clumsily get up and help you find whatever it is you are looking for in that moment.

After several several months (don't remember how many? four?) of having 12 teeth, your bottom canines have come through. I suspect the top ones will be next. These were no cake walk.

You're getting very good at responding to our questions, usually with "dee" (yes) or "no" (which oftentimes includes a head shake).  Your answer doesn't always correspond with your intended answer (e.g., "would you like some milk?" "no" but really mean yes), but it's fun to have you responding to us nonetheless.

You love to ask to “watch”...you've picked up the request "watch" recently, which usually used while I'm cooking or putting on makeup. In the kitchen, this often involves your daddy's help so I can use both hands to continue my task while you "watch." 

You like to be carried around the house (oops). I'm not ready to give this up yet (I miss you so much during the days!), even if I can't last as long doing it as I used to. Jonathan/Daddy made a good point the other night when I was saying how it was getting kinda harder for me to carry you around--"both of your babies are just going to keep getting bigger."  

You still have your paci, though only in your bed at night. I am willing to let this take us through big girl bed transition/new baby, but we'll see. Your teachers at school are encouraging otherwise. You're still in size 5 diapers, and are outgrowing most of your 18-24 month clothes! Ack! Where did my baby go?

DeeDee, the pink mouse (first seen here, a sweet gift from a sweet friend who is affectionately known as DeDe...coincidence??), is your true love right now. See, you've been always saying "Hi deedee" and "bye deedee" instead of just Hi and Bye, and we had no idea who DeeDee was or why you were saying this? Then one morning when I got you up, you said Hi DeeDee, and I motioned to your pink mouse and said "Is this DeeDee?" and you said "dee!" and she's been the much beloved DeeDee ever since. 

Over the weekend, you were slaying us with walking up to us saying “Happy, happy” (sounding like "hop-py") and clapping/bopping. This meant you wanted us to sing "Happy and You Know It" because you know the clapping motions and the stomping motions. Cute. You have an Elmo book with about 213,423 verses to this song (yeah, that's a fun one), but you did pick up a keeper. They have a "if you're scared and you know it give a shriek" verse, and you do this adorable "shriek" if we sing it.  A real family crowd-pleaser.

Your big love is still books, but you'll watch a little Blue's Clues and Sesame Street (never really a whole episode and never sitting still). You go through books like water, saying "book book," backing into our laps and reaching for another. Sitting still is a rarity (dear readers, this is not an exaggeration by any stretch).

Charlie's mommy Mrs. Anna trimmed your hair a few weeks ago and it looks so cute! She took probably an inch and a half off the back and you now have this cute little baby bob (it was getting sort of mane-ish back there). 

You're doing great with "thanks" (I had to scrap "thank you"--you would just giggle, as you do when there's a word you don't want to/can't say).

We have some big transitions headed our way, with big girl bed and baby sister just around the corner. I am confident that you will tackle these with the same sweet spirit and willing attitude that you do everything else. We are over the moon for you, my sweetest.

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  1. Love this girl and hate to be missing out on seeing all this cuteness in person! You're a great mama, Les.


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