2012 : A Review

Monday, December 31, 2012

I liked this year. A lot.

My baby turned one! We found out we were going to have another little baby (a girl!) join our family.

It started off a little shaky, with Juliette recovering from a serious illness over last Christmas...but she spent the rest of winter/early spring at home in loving arms getting healthy, and we praise God that we have had no real health issues to speak of since then.

This is probably going to be the longest post ever, but in looking over photos from this past year (mainly instagrams), I couldn't narrow it down any further!  I understand if you can't make it through all of these, but here is 2012 from the Jerkins, in a (sizeable) nutshell:


Home from the hospital in the new year, still on a few drugs :(

All dressed up for church! (5 months old) 

Learning manners (and how to eat solids):

Easter Sunday with BFF Elliot:

First vacation, in the Smoky Mountains:

Celebrated 6 years of marriage on 4/22:

Go Grizz!

Meeting Great-Grandma Martha:

First bike ride:

with Great-Granny (Fran):

First swim, in Texas!

Standing, in Heber:

First July 4th parade:

Daddy was in charge:

With your sweet Lamb teachers before being promoted at school:


(the recovery)

BIG SIS announcement (they were all as stunned as Jules looks)!

Sister retreat to visit brother Scottie in California:

Granny turns 92, and she and I celebrated at Chick-fil-a:

It's a...

Enjoying fall time with Rhet:

Our Halloween turkey:

Thanksgiving at Nana & Papa's:

First (and only thus far) purchase for baby sister:

Getting in the Christmas spirit:

Santa came!

Christmas morning at Grammy and Grandad's:

Feast masters with their Christmas dinner masterpiece:

new favorite by Uncle Stephen

And now...I can't believe I'm doing this (and don't expect a repeat) but here's a blurry belly shot, from December 20:

I'm now approaching 31 weeks this week, which is frightening because that leaves us with a single-digit number of weeks left (9, obvi). Luckily for us, Jonny and I just started working on the room situation yesterday. Tons of clean-out to do in our guest room (we have a tiny attic so the guest room has become Attic Jr. over the past few years)--then, Jules will move into her "big girl" room (and hopefully big girl bed), and Little Miss Baby #2 will then be situated in the current nursery (with some furniture rearranging and hopefully some art change-up). There are way more plans in my head than will feasibly happen, but it will be okay.

It's with thankfulness we approach this new year, praising God and asking Him to continue to work in our lives and teach us about Himself.

2013--family of 4, let's do it!


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