We Had Turkey for Halloween

Thursday, November 01, 2012

photo 4

Jonathan puts himself in charge of Baby Halloween Costume Acquisition, and this year hit another grand slam. I think our turkey came out just right.

(top left and bottom right from her school's costume "parade" and top right is Daddy's "Ghost of Elvis" costume. Yeah, I don't know. Bottom left is our trick-or-treat tally about two-thirds of the way through the night. Final count was 129.)

With Aunt Martha the Fox at our church's trunk or treat:

photo 4

First-ever trick-or-treating stop, with neighbor Bo:

photo 2

We are both pretty shocked that we have gotten her to wear this costume 3 TIMES now, head piece included, especially since the try-on sessions were not very successful. And before you ask, yes, we will be considering this outfit for Thanksgiving Day.

And a look back, for posterity's sake:

photo (117)

(Can't wait for our repeat little turtle next year with tiny baby girl #2!)

If one thing's for sure, this is somewhat of a WILD turkey! She wants to run everywhere and gather acorns and rocks to eat. In other words, it is tough getting photographs of this turkey.

I said this on instagram yesterday, but Halloween may be reason enough to become a parent. Seeing your little one in costume (along with her friends) is almost too much goodness and hilarity to handle.


  1. I was thinking the same thing last night about how Halloween is seriously one of the best perks of being a parent...you get to dress up a tiny little human however you choose, laugh at their expense, and then use them as a lure to get lots of candy that you will then eat after they go to bed! Brilliant!

    Of course, this is all until they get old enough to ask for plastic super hero costumes and they come home smelling like recess and refusing to share their Reeses pumpkins with me... So I'm having my fun now! ;)

  2. Cutest turkey I've ever seen! Loved watching her run around in that costume. And you're right, she's so fast!

    Can't wait to see the finished door :)

  3. strój indyka jest rewelacyjny:)


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