Thankfully Thanksgiving

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and weekend this past weekend here in ole Memph! We were treated to what I called Jerkinspalooza...all of Jonathan's 3 brothers + their families were in town visiting the homestead, and his grandfather and uncle came in from Houston. (Four boys plus growing families equals a lot of Jerkins running around indeed!)  The food was all delicious as usual, and the company fantastic.

What follows are some non-extraordinary photos I tried to snap during the weekend in between everything. (Thankfully, Uncle Stephen was there to document things properly, though I haven't seen any of his images quite yet.)

Firstly, I guess I could tell you what my culinary contributions consisted of...

- The Annual Tony's Spinach (recipe courtesy of my dad via Granny--have I ever shared this one?), tripled this year for ample leftovers:

- Grandma Nettie's yeast rolls, via my friend Blue Jean Gourmet (delicious!):

- Carrot Cake for Aunt Amanda's birthday (on Thanksgiving Day this year, and my dad's birthday also!), recipe from my friend Kate via her MIL, April.

- Crockpot Pear-Ginger Applesauce, recipe from here. SO delicious! When I came across this recipe, I instantly knew Juliette would love it and she did. I think the rest of us did too.

The weather on Thanksgiving Day was lovely--70 degrees and sunny. We enjoyed lots of time outside...

(p.s. did you know it is hard to get a photo of a toddler?)

Our annual post-Thanksgiving walk:

I just love seeing the two strollers and their passengers here! Reason and Juliette are 9 months apart, and I know this photo will be fun to look back at years down the road.

The Turkey made a reappearance:

 Jules in the new hat that "AJ" knitted her!

Our 3rd annual Jerkins Bros. Wives Club night out! This year at Sweet Grass Next Door.  (man, the iphone flash really stinks.)

And (almost) best of all, Amanda brought me a box of these guys along with a few other things from TJ's...

Little Jules ended up getting the stomach bug the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. Daddy was luckily off of school last week and did a fantastic job caring for her. She wasn't quite herself all week (we think she may be cutting a pesky canine tooth), but she still greatly enjoyed being around her family and cousins and playing her little heart out.

Somehow we're almost to December and CHRISTMAS!  As excited as I am about the holidays, this gestational clock is just tick-tick-ticking away. It will really be March in the blink of an eye!

We have so much to be thankful for. Especially in light of last year's scariness, I think this year I am most thankful for Juliette's ongoing good health and wonderful development. We are looking forward to enjoying a peaceful Christmas with her this year, (hopefully) from the comfort of our own home...though we are also hoping to be able to join in the efforts of serving the families who are at LeBonheur on Christmas, too.

Oh, I'd like to send happiest of birthday wishes to my little brother Scottie today, all the way out to sunny CA! Love you, buddy!


  1. Annnnnd now I have to go to Trader Joe's immediately!

  2. looks like y'all had a wonderful holiday. so glad the rolls wound up turning out!


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