Our New Favorite Stew / Butternut Squash Quinoa Chicken Stew

Sunday, November 18, 2012

I've made this twice now this fall (though, in this phase of life, making anything feels impressive in itself). It is so yummy and healthy! My dear friend Erin sent me this link last fall and when I finally made it this year, it was love at first bite. (Juliette loves it too!)

Here is the link for the full recipe, but here are a few of my [short-cut] notes:

- the first time I made this stew, I used frozen chicken breasts and cooked them in the crock pot ahead of time. I know this doesn't yield the same level of chicken broth the recipe calls for, but it saves time.
- I used a bag of frozen butternut squash and it made that part SO easy. (I actually have vowed to never attempt fresh butternut squash ever again, after a traumatic experience trying to make soup late late on a weeknight that went in the garbage.)
- We omitted the olives, and this time, threw in a little spinach at the very end for some green.
- I'm not really sure she specifies about the salt and pepper, but yes it needs salt and pepper.

Yall have any new soup/stew recipes that you are loving? I froze half of this for post-Thanksgiving and am looking forward to pulling it out when we need a shot of warmth and yumminess.

Be back with my Thanksgiving kitchen agenda later! I'm excited about what I'm making this year.


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