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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Today we (hopefully) find out what our family is going to be like. I know, I have small expectations right?

Let me explain. I’ve formed this hypothesis that maybe one of the only things that seems like a bigger deal about having your second baby is finding out its gender (whether that be during gestation or at birth). The first baby is all new, and yes it’s a boy or a girl, but the parents still outnumber him/her 2:1, and the “girl” stuff or “boy” stuff hasn’t really completely taken over your house yet. Because still, the adults outnumber the kiddos and it’s one kid (be that kid little or larger) with one kid’s stuff—which can, granted, be a lot of stuff, but our general adult/family stuff still outnumbers Juliette’s stuff by a large margin. Is this making any sense?

With the second one, you have (obvious) chance for a repeat gender of your older child. Thus, will you become “the girl house” with requisite Barbies and pink spraying out from every corner? Or maybe you will be the “boy house” and thus become a “mommy of boys” and get to complain/remark on the mountains of stained clothes and sports gear that will take over your house? OR even maybe you will get one of each, a balanced house per-se, spurring on inevitable question, “Now that you have one of each, are you ‘done’?”

So you see? In this way, the gender of your second baby determines a lot. What will the tenor of our family be? Will we battle double doses of girl-drama and deal with American Girl dolls, or will we have a little brother-sister companion group to balance out the gender teams at our house? Having a sissy so close in age to me has been an enormous blessing in innumerable ways—I cannot help but wish this same thing for Juliette. BUT at the same time, I love my brother, and I know a little guy would bring such a new and exciting element to our house, and this definitely piques my interest too.

It truly is a win-win! More than anything, of course, we are hoping for a healthy baby. With all of the acrobatics I am blessed to feel daily, I am excited to be able to see on a screen and have confirmed by the doctor that everything is going alright in there. And, at the end of today, I feel like we will know our little baby a little bit better! Or as Jonathan says, “it will really feel real” (for him, I guess that's true! ha!).

Stay tuned! I'm not venturing to guess either way.

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