14 months+ and Things in My Brain

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sorry for the pause! I get home at night and do not want to sit at a computer any more. You know?

Our little bird loves to yammer! She tries to repeat mostthings we say to her (and if she doesn't want to try, she just giggles). We made a list of all the words she can say theother day and are adding to it daily (over 20!).  My new favorite of hers is “yellow” whichcomes out like “lellohh.”  She can alsosay 4 of her friends’ names in her class and identify them: Jack, Cole, Annie,and Natalie.


Another word we were delighted by was “doct-or”—clear as abell. She said it while I was reading her “Corduroy Goes to the Doctor”(thanks, Dolly), but unfortunately since the doctor in the book is a teddy bear,she now thinks that bears and particularly rotund monkeys are “doct-ors.”

The little gal can point to her ears, nose, and bellybutton.She knows that the words “empty,” “gone,” “all done,” and “the end” all meanabout the same thing and does the one-handed sign for “all done” whenever wesay any of these phrases, or whenever something is empty or finished.

Juliette still looooves babies, images of babies, referencesto babies, pointing at Mommy's belly and saying “beebee”—in fact, during an announcement at church last weekwhen there was a picture of a baby on the screen, she yelled excitedly “beebeee!!!!!!!”(yes, it garnered a little chuckle from the congregation). A “baby” is anychild under the age of 4-5, I would estimate, applying to live children and to the characters inthe books she loves to read. In fact, if we ever need her to smile for a photo, we'll say "Juliette, can you say baby?" Works like a charm.

photo 3

Speaking of reading, when she wants you to read her a book(still her favorite thing to “play” with at the moment), she will get the book and thenstart backing up into your lap, no matter how far away you are. Our favoritebook to read to her is “Where’s Spot?” because on every page, “is he in the closet/underthe stairs/behind the door?” she will excitedly reply “nooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!”

photo 2
(pardon the laundry)

A bit early for this, but we couldn't resist trying out the piggies!

photo 4

No bigger fan of this you will find in all the land than the child's daddy.  :)

On the house front, there is nothing to report. As in, we've done nothing in the way of new baby prep. Well, that’s not true, I cleaned outmy closet. Other than that, we have done nothing. Jules is going to move intothe guest room/”big girl” room that the little sissies will hopefully sharebefore too long, and the nursery is staying largely the same (we mightrearrange the furniture and change out some art). The guest room is the finalroom in our house that has not been painted (besides the guest bathroom). We’llsee how that one goes over.

Also, we've had yellow paint samples on our front door forabout 3 weeks now (only like 5 years after I posted this), but no movementsince. How we roll, I guess. One of these days! 

photo 1

Has anyone bought the new Yoplait “Simplait” ? Intrigued bythe clever name and fresh package design, I bought a couple of cartons andthink it’s tasty. I do not, however, think the “6 simple ingredients” are allthat simple. For example, what is "Natural Flavor" ???

I'm feeling pretty good overall, got a tad sick last weekend and I battle the heartburn a bit, but otherwise, feeling great and expanding likewise. We're heading to Arkansas this weekend for a fall bean festival...yes, I said bean and I will expound more on that next week. The weather promises to cool down accordingly (it's been been mid- 80s all week, yuck), and I absolutely cannot wait for fires, cider, and scarves to truly be here to stay!


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