Things I Don't Want to Forget at 13 Months Old

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Juliette’s favorite word right now is “baby,” followed by “backpack.” Her other words are: duck, bear, nana (for banana and her grandmother, Nana), mock-mock (milk and/or her Uncle Michael), bot-bot (bottle), no (newest word), along with mama and when she so chooses, daddy. I’ve also heard her say “strawberry,” an attempt at “grandad” as well as an attempt at “grammy” and “Martha.” Tonight, she said "night night" and reached for her bed.

She likes to toddle around the house, most of the time toting her milk cup, and getting into things. Has just discovered unrolling the toilet paper off the roll and opening cabinets all the way (though we haven’t gotten into too many messes yet, our time at home is so short during the week). Right now, she loves pointing out a “baby” at every possible chance—a photo, a book cover, anything! She LOVES looking at books, and I often see her looking at books on the school web cam, by herself, just turning the pages. Delights me to no end!

A book AND a baby! 

jules book baby

Favorite foods: bananas, puffs, cheese, fruit smoothies, anything carb really (like her mama). She is apparently one of the best eaters in her class at school, and will give anything a try.

Just moved to size 5 diapers, still wearing 12-18 month clothing, and some 18 month clothing, and size 5 shoes. Her Grammy & Grandad took her shopping (per Grandad’s request!) earlier this month for some shoes, and of course, they also came home with a stuffed monkey Grandad has named “Bill.”

She does fine with one nap/day at school during the week (around 2 hours), but is beat by 6:30 p.m., always asleep by 7, if not before, and sleeps til about 6:30-7 a.m. (The past few mornings, we have peeked in on her at 6:45 to see if she is stirring, and she has been standing up quietly in her bed, paci in her mouth, just waiting patiently. Ha ha!)  She takes two naps on Saturdays for us though, usually the longer one in the late morning, and then on Sundays a long afternoon nap after church (ha, all of us do!).

No more bottles (she weaned herself off of them), as she prefers her milk out of a cup. My (not-so-little) baby! That one tugged at the heartstrings. She also got her first little hair trim this past month, from Charlie's mom Anna. It looks so cute!

I am starting to realize how much she notices! She picked up my hair brush the other day and started “brushing” her hair with it. Ha! Also, she is becoming quite good at pointing to objects/animals in books or elsewhere, and has even pointed out the “bear” and "duck" on her hospital door sign hanging in her room, without any prompting.

We are growing more and more convinced that she is going to make a swell big sister (and I am praying daily for another baby who likes to sleep)!

Despite my protests, she is more and more little girl every day, less and less baby! But it is pure delight to watch. I just love her.


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