Juliette's 1st Birthday Party

Thursday, August 23, 2012

We are very blessed to have both of our families living in town with us. Thus, when we get our families in the same room, it is already 14 people! So, for this first-ever first birthday, we decided to stick with a family affair and it was a sweet time. You already saw the invitation.... sticking w/my giant red/white polka dot balloon idea (why is balloon so hard for me to spell?) and we had ourselves a little Sunday afternoon cake-and-ice-cream party!

Please note: it is my prerogative as a mommy (I think) to post way too many photos.

Elliot and Jules feeding some cupcake to their daddies...

Puzzle from Elliot that she loves!

The party room!  

Enjoying the balloons!

Elliot making her [adorable] "face"...

And the most fun part (or, one of the most fun parts)...was Jules opening this present.


She's thinking, why is everyone looking at me in stunned silence? 

Surprising (and exciting) all of us, Baby #2 headed our way around March 7, 2013!


  1. first, yay! so excited for y'all.
    second, those balloons are so cute
    third, her legs in that last picture are the perfect roly poly baby legs! y'all are such a cute fam!

  2. Perfect, all the way around!


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