Birthday Coming Up!

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Oh hello, AUGUST! You're back!

Thusly, this is what my mind's been focused on....

Jules invite

It's a'comin' fast. My mind's been all birthday and all Olympics, which husband and I have been watching every single night. It's been so fun! (Isn't DVR the best invention ever?)

Back to the birthday...I decided to try to give myself a free pass this year and not go too overboard. I mean, Juliette isn't going to remember it. The first birthday party is really for the parents, right? Plus, a) it was sounding real overwhelming fast to get all theme-y with lots of food and people and b) we are blessed to have lots of family in town so when we get our family in a room that's already 10+ people. So we're doing a Sunday afternoon, low-key cake and ice cream type party with "just" family. I got these cute red polka dot balloons and that's pretty much the extent of it. Maybe some sunflowers? Uncle Scooter will even be there from sunny CA.

Then, for some reason, earlier today, I let the Mommy Guilt Monster take over my brain momentarily and overwhelm me with the responsibility of starting a million birthday traditions THIS YEAR OR ALL IS LOST. Thankfully, Juliette's Aunt Amanda talked me down from the ledge. Jonathan and I have a couple of silly traditions we do, so I think that plus cake will suffice? As long as she knows we love her and Jesus loves her, that is what matters, right?

In two days, we will have a one year old. How's that for crazy! I'll be back with party info.

Last year at this time, this and this. AH SO GLAD that was last year! 


  1. I just can't believe it is time for a birthday party! Not possible. I had major mom guilt over not throwing Riggins a 2nd birthday party. I just had to constantly remind myself that blogs/pinterest/facebook make those big fancy parties seem like the new normal, but as long as Riggins feels special and celebrated on his birthday (and as long as I capture a few photos of him with a cake and candle!) that is all that matters!

  2. that is seriously the cutest invite ever! and i think low key for one is more appropriate than what some people do! loved seeing you yesterday!

  3. I'm loving that magnet! :). Happy Birthday, sweet girl!


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