Social Media Dork

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I may be doing a 'meh' job with this blog of late (well, really since the young one's arrival)... notwithstanding, I was tapped [in my professional life] to write an article for the Memphis Business Journal's blog, about social media & business (as I deal with this in my day job on a regular basis).

Here's the link. Feel free to giggle at my outdated glam headshot (If only my exterior person could be 24 years old forever. Internet readers don't have to know that, do they, Mr. Snow?)

Through the beauty of the internet, this hyperlink will now be chronicled for me for all time (or at least for the life of this blog, which is, amazingly, 7 years old (I think?) and going strong). Now that is posterity.

Thanks to the MBJ for having me!


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