It's All Happening: Operation Shed Post-Baby Weight, Once & For All

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

An admirer and patron of the revered etsy shop Black Apple, I have been perusing the proprietor's blog for several years now.

Skimming through my google reader several weeks ago, I came across this post, the title catching my eye: "Voted Least Likely to Love Working Out."

cute image from here too

My original goal post-baby was to have all of the excess off (plus a couple lb. extra...which might be redundant to say) by Juliette's first birthday. With 2.5 months to go (!!!), I am within striking distance, though not quite there yet.

Though it's probably realistic to expect things will never be in the same place as they were pre-baby, I am not giving up on becoming overall firmer, trimmer, and healthier...and obviously, regular physical exertion will help with all of the above.

Working full-time with a busy student husband does not leave me with much budgeted time out of the house to exercise (early mornings are not my forte, and nursing has kept me from them until now). I was able to complete a 5K in December (a goal accomplished!), but maintaining trips to the gym after Juliette's bedtime proved too difficult through the winter, and I have since suspended my membership (saving $ and being realistic).

Enter the aforementioned blog post: Hope! Promise! And all FREE! I read this blog post, and was just thinking YES YES YES! Thank you!

So here we are! Jonathan has been home in the evenings recently, and we have enjoyed our workouts with Zuzana over the past week! They are short (12-16 minutes). They are difficult. (No way can I do everything yet.) She is peppy but not overly so, which makes her endearing.

If you're looking for something short, FREE (!), intense, requiring little equipment (mainly your own body weight), that you can do at home, this may be your ticket. It sounds similar in nature to Insanity (or even a shrunken p90x). We are able to pull up YouTube on our TV through the PS3, so that's been nice.

This is also a good fit for Jonathan, as he is generally strapped for time. I do hope to be able to report back sometime in August that I've reached my goal, with Zuzana's help. We shall see...

Thank you so much, Emily, for posting this!

Yep. I've written several times over the years about my love-hate relationship with all things exercise.


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