9 MONTHS OLD and loving it

Sunday, May 27, 2012

May 10, 2012

Ask me if I can handle this?

Look how OLD she looks?!

Dear Jules,

People ask us all the time how we get so many good, smiley photos of you. And we say, it's because you smile all the time!


You hit so many developmental milestones this month, a good number of them on our vacation! Crawling, waving bye-bye, imitating sounds, holding your cup, saying mama, picking up your food (Pincher grasp!), pulling up, your first tooth/teeth and cruising a little! Wowee!  You wear size 3 diapers, 9-12 and 12 m clothes, and size 2 shoe.

This post is a little lame at present (we're in Dallas visiting your great-grandma) but I'll add photos from last month little by little.

Love you my little bumble bee! You light up our lives!  Your first birthday is right around the corner!

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