It's Hard (briefly)

Monday, April 23, 2012

(I'm going to stop apologizing for writing about my baby. She's the biggest thing going in the life o' Leslie.)

She's ch-ch-changing. She crawls (!), pulls up, babbles, got her first tooth, has a will... but right now, she is throwing us for a loop.

She won't nurse right now (at all!) since yesterday, and cries fervently (fervently) when left in her bed to sleep, completely brokenhearted. How wonderful it is that she knows us...but she now knows that she can miss us, too. My little baby who formerly wanted to be in her bed, now wants me. Not such a bad thing, but hard for a mommy and daddy who are not co-sleepers.

The little easy-going baby, who would go to anyone, smile at anyone, laugh and "talk" with anyone, who played hard and slept hard, has wised up. While still very friendly and engaging to all, she can now really discern who is holding her, keeping her, caring for her... and while I'm thrilled to watch her develop, it's so hard to watch her little heart break when we aren't there. She has changed so much, so quickly! (And the nursing thing...I'm hoping it's just a "nursing strike" that lasts a few days, since it was such an abrupt refusal. Thinking positively. Advice accepted.)

That's what's on my mind.

*Editor's note (on 4/24/12): the nursing "strike" is over (at least for now!). Thank the Lord! 

*Editor's note #2:  A certain someone wanted me to clarify that mommy & daddy are co-sleepers with each other, just not with babies.

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