I Deliver

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

(I know, I promised "soon-soon" photos of our front flower bed...sorrrrrry about that one.)

Here's the empty/wretched before (those arborvitae just waiting for some buddies):

And here's the after (!!!)... George L. Tabor azaleas in front, some laurel variation behind them I can't remember the name of at present, and a pretty little dogwood tree on the far right. I hope to add some hostas and hydrangeas later on, as well as something to the right of the path.

A million kajillion thanks to my parents for the LOVELY and appreciated birthday gift of plants and to Uncle T-Bone for planting them!

Also need to fill in with some annual color...  It's so much fun driving up to my house now with the pretty flower bed!

On to the front door/shutter project...


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