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Friday, April 06, 2012

Just a quick update on Jules, to those who are curious.

As I've mentioned before, we were advised to keep Juliette out of day care through the rest of the winter, after her illness, so she'd have time to beef up her little immune system again. For the last three full months, she has been under the supervision of the most wonderful group of women ever! Susie, Martha, Cindi, Jamie, Jenny, and Debbie, with some pinch-hitting by my mommy and Laura R. and Cindi P.

This week was her first week back at day care! She did so great! Monday-Weds. she went for half days (thanks to Nana/Susie and Cindi), and a full day yesterday. She loved loved loved playing with all the toys and the other babies and looking at everything! She was happy, smiley, and there were no tears or fears in sight (except for Mommy's).

Only problem is, no naps for the first several mornings (led to crashing in the afternoons/evenings), and two 30 minute naps on her full day. But, she is still happy and smiley and not at all fussy from it. I don't know how long this will go on...will she be able to get used to sleeping in a room of lights, noise, and other people?  We were home today (Good Friday), and she took some good naps. Will she be able to make up on the weekends? Could this really be it, from now on? She has always been a really good napper. I'm trying not to worry, especially since she is still so happy...but eeesh.

Happy Easter weekend!

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