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Saturday, March 31, 2012

We have been in our house a couple months shy of 2 years.

In that amount of time, we've accomplished a fair number of improvements (though our house was in really good shape when we moved in, part of the reason we picked it).

For a trip down memory lane, some of the improvements include laundry room creation, installing sod in the front yard, and lots and lots of paint.

Here's the front of our house on the day we moved in:

Look at us! Younger (me, slimmer) and childless. Anyway, we pretty much tore out everything you see in that photo, in the way of plants and grass (including those holly/lollipop trees). Not that there was too terribly much to speak of.

Well. We definitely tore everything out.

And it is with many apologies to our neighbors that I admit the re-installation process of landscaping has been S-L-O-W.  A husband in school who studies all the time, finances, logistics, and a pregnancy have kept us from pursuing this as quickly and hard-core I've wanted to.

But there are changes on the horizon, my friends. CHANGES, I say. And I should have after pictures  soon, like, soon soon.

Another project we are hopefully going to tackle is painting our front door. That's a pretty inexpensive way to liven up your house's presentation. Problem is, if we paint our door what we're thinking, then the shutters will have to be painted too (not quite as quick and easy).


photo by Stephen


1, 2, 3

The front door we have right now was actually originally behind a swinging louvered/screen door that we removed, so it's actually not flush with the threshold. It's also not (hopefully) our forever front door. I would love to get a stained wooden front door at some point.

But in the meantime, painting ours a fun and admittedly trendy color seems like an inexpensive and easy-ish solution to brighten up the front of our house.

Photo number 1 is sort of what I gravitate toward, but I love the combo with that shutter color in photo 3.

We'll see where we end up and WHEN this will actually happen. Obviously it'll have to be when Jonny's BOARD EXAMS are OVER.

That will be a great day!


  1. I was gonna say YELLOW before I even saw your picture and read to that part. :) I love a yellow door, though!

    Amen to boards being OVER...that will be a GLORIOUS day!

    Miss you, friend!

  2. I love your house numbers!


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