Monday, March 19, 2012

...I need to write that baby's 7 month post (late, again), but I'm sorta beat from getting her to sleep (tough tonight--teeth? runny nose? who ever knows?), staying up late this weekend, kitchen clean-up, etc.

Yes, you read that right, runny nose. Mama is taking deep breaths & chill pills and trying not to flip out. I'm now even more convinced that Jules' daddy is going to make a really great doctor...he has been nothing but calm and reassuring since the sniffles started yesterday (and my anxiety shot up), in a completely non-annoying way.

In other news, my bracket was shot to pieces (of course), but guess who's in first place in both family brackets?

She sure can pick 'em.

Our A/C is on right now. Everyone is talking about how warm it is everywhere, and Memphis is no exception. The hum and the smell of the A/C reminds me (duh) of the last time it was turned on, which was coincidentally around the time I had a newborn baby, which makes me feel all sort of nostalgia along with a dash of terror/relief.

p.s. Poor Tigers! Poor Longhorns! I guess we done struck out this year. Who am I going for now? Anyone who can beat Kentucky.


  1. I'm sure every little sniffle makes you anxious, but just think of that awesome layer of yellow pollen that is all over everything in town...SURELY she's just got a little allergy runny nose? I know R does! Praying that's all it is...just a little Memphis Spring Fever :)

  2. Love this precious, little cutie! I'm with Leslie, surely part of it is allergy related. Elliot is having a little trouble, too.


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