My First Book Club & Baby Food

Thursday, March 01, 2012

... this book, The Namesake. I'm enjoying it so much that I've actually been delaying finishing because I do not want it to be over. Have you already read it or heard about it? Because I just found out that the movie was made in 2006. (whoops.)

I love Jhumpa Lahiri's writing's simple and straightforward without patronizing. While reading, I somehow feel that my intelligence is being acknowledged. I also have really enjoyed learning more about the Indian culture (I love learning about it from you too, Nishta!).

I picked it up for my first-ever adult book club meeting, forthcoming (the alumnae group from my all-girls high school). How is it that I am nearing 28 years old (!!!) and have never been in a real book club?

...ALSO, I've been really enjoying making food for Juliette. I may not be cooking much for us, but I'm gosh-darn making her food!  Weird.

I've been using this book Super Baby Food, and this book, The Best Homemade Baby Food on the Planet, and this website. It's nice being able to read about which foods to introduce which months, etc. There's still a ton to learn!

It's been fun to buy organic fruits and veggies and cook/puree them for the little gobbler. I got a couple of these guys (for the lids mainly), and have a nice little stash of food cubes in our freezer.

So far, she loves sweet potatoes, bananas (as much as it hurts me, Professional Banana Hater), squash (jarred, not fresh! whyohwhy?), pears, and rice & oatmeal cereals. In an attempt to feed her non-sweet stuff, we've also tried avocado and peas with no success (there's this gag-and-spit routine she has going, which produces a lot of laughter mixed with pity on the part of her parents). I made the "Super Porridge" from Super Baby Food and she (ahem) has not taken to it. I gotta get something green into this baby! (Trying not to get nervous about having a potentially picky eater on our hands...yikes!)

I also made her these little teething biscuits, above (our pediatrician told us we could try it), but she was gnawing off tiny chunks from it and it made Mommy a little nervous, from a choking standpoint of course. [For perspective, one of those is about the size of my thumb.] They're in the freezer right now and I've let her suck on a frozen one or two (she's still managed to chew little bits off though).  That picture has made me realize it might be time for a new cookie sheet.

Politely waiting for her meal:

I have found the whole solid-food thing to be wildly confusing. I didn't give it a second thought until it was upon us (remember, I didn't register for any baby food accoutrements). Then it was like WHO SAYS WHAT WHEN WHERE WHY and all the information I heard and read was different! I guess it's one of those things where you just wing it and do what works for you, knowing(/hoping) your kid will turn out fine either way.

Anyone else out there read anything good besides the Hunger Games? Or been making baby food?


  1. I thought the whole solid food adventure was very overwhelming and confusing! I enjoyed the Williams-Sonoma "Baby and Toddler Food" cookbook, especially for fun ideas once we were able to start mixing foods and introducing spices. As for the pickiness, there were several veggies that R preferred jarred to my homemade stuff: green beans and carrots in particular. I think it's just really hard to get those guys smooth enough at home!

  2. Maggie never cared for green beans or peas until we reached the finger food stage. Now she gobbles them down.

    I am reading Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy and it is AMAZING. But also ambitiously long for me.

  3. I've got something pinned on my "for the Peanut" board about making teething rings from dehydrated organic apples..perhaps less easier for pieces to break off there? also, she's so ridiculously cute.

  4. and, you are so sweet to mention me/my blog!

    The Namesake rings soooo many bells for me, though I actually think Lahiri's short stories are stronger writing (and maybe would work for when you only have a little time in the day for reading?)

    when the movie came out, it was literally just a month or so after my dad had died. I started crying at the beginning of the movie and didn't stop--I felt bad for everyone else in the theater who had to listen to my outburst of sobs, but man was it amazing to see my life represented on the screen, which is a pretty rare experience for me.

    anyway, so glad you are enjoying the novel and hope book club was fabulous! I started a group with a friend two years ago and it has really enriched me in so many ways. jealous you got to hang at SMS with all the crew!


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