Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I just wrote about Juliette's love for Sophie la Girafe in my Baby Gear post several weeks ago, and look! The Wall Street Journal just published an article about her...where/how she is made, along with her rise in popularity.
Vulli's sales of €22 million ($29 million) have more than quadrupled since 2006, just before Sophie was first sold outside France. This year, for the first time, the company expects to sell more outside of France than domestically.
That's saying something, because in France, Sophie is a national tradition. In 2010, Vulli sold 816,000 giraffes in France, and 828,000 babies were born, meaning that nearly every French newborn got one.
Wowee...almost 1:1!

The article about this rubber cutie pie teething toy is an interesting read.

And don't forget! she's cheaper on amazon.

Okay, I'll be done now :)


  1. Sophie is certainly a MUST! We love ours and it drives the dogs CRAZY! Thanks for sharing the article! :)

  2. Sophie is cute. I bought one for Sylvie - I do like to support the French economy. Pity she didn't care for it. I could sell the thing as "like new."

    I'm glad you found a toy Juliette loves, though!


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