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Sunday, January 01, 2012

Thursday afternoon and into Friday morning, Juliette decided to start eating on her own. Yipppee! Since she'd already conquered breathing room air on Wednesday, we knew our time at LeBonheur was coming to a close.

{The fox that Jules got for Christmas from Uncle Scooter...he's in jail for kidnapping the duck (from Renee)}

By Friday afternoon, after she received an A+ from the lactation consultant, speech therapy, and the resident on duty, Juliette was declared ready to return home and got her feeding tube taken out of her nose. That left only one thing needing to be removed before she was FREE from all tubes/hook-ups (PICC line was the very last thing to come out before we left).

We had sort of a rough time with sleeping on Thursday night (little missy is still adjusting), so I was so deliriously tired Friday that I celebrated the going-home news by taking a siesta in the hospital room. Jonathan started piddling around and packing things up and I eventually got enough make-up zz's to get up and join him.

You know how they say God doesn't give you anything you can't handle? Thursday night I told Him I couldn't handle any more. I was really feeling like I didn't have anything left in the tank. I emailed/texted several close friends requesting immediate prayer. I cried out to Him on my knees, begging for rest and a chance to go home. He answered my prayers and I am so thankful/relieved (and why am I surprised?). We still have some rest to catch up on, but it is worlds better being in your own bed, can I get an amen?

Friday night around 6 p.m., after 13 nights and 14 days spent at LeBonheur, we piled two weeks' accumulation of miscellaneous belongings into the ole Accord, bundled up our baby, and trekked our way to HOME SWEET HOME.

I'd be lying if I said I'd even BEGUN to process all that God taught us through this experience.

I do know that we are blessed to have very loving, supportive, and prayerful families and friends who are invaluable in a crisis. And also? There are some amazing people that work at LeBonheur. There's no way to thank them adequately for making such a scary experience more bearable.

Although the new mommy in me is still mourning a little over the Christmas season I'd originally envisioned, I am so glad we got to spend time with family, and see how people that were previously strangers to us came together and made an effort to give a special Christmas to patients (and families) at LeBonheur.

Also, I am blown away by the prayers offered from all over the place on our behalf. Yes, that means YOU.

THANK YOU, thank you for the prayers and the love and the sweet messages, notes, and good thoughts sent our way during this ordeal.

Happy New Year, straight from Chez Jerkins. xoxo

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  1. What an ordeal. So glad your sweet baby is home now.



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