A Few Things to Say (a PSA)

Friday, January 13, 2012

It's gonna be weird, prolly.

We're going to be keeping our girl close for the rest of the winter. If we see you out (which prob won't be a ton), I probably won't offer to let you hold her. If you have small kiddos at home, I really won't. I really like you and I really really like your kids, but I'm not going to ask to hold them either (as much as it may hurt! my friends have some cuuuute babies!). We're staying out of day care for a little while (thanks to generous help from family & dear friends are we able to do this!). We're trying to keep the germs at bay, for a time....to let a little immune system beef back up.

I might ask you (awkwardly) to wash your hands if you come to my house. If I see you out and about, I may offer hand sanitizer. I'm apologizing in advance for this.

So for right now, I'm (on purpose) in Not-Cool Mom mode. This ain't the time for Laid Back Leslie (or even Fake Laid-Back Leslie).

It's just The Way It's Gonna Be for a little while. I know you probably all understand.

So, thanks   :)


  1. ha ha! You have every right to do what you do! I act that way and my child/children didn't get RSV. I'm major germ-a-phobe mom now that I have kids especially when they are younger. Just as an FYI, I've realized that my children get the sickest at church! YES...church! Not sure why people want to bring their children to church sick but they do and that's why on Tuesday or Wednesday of the following week, I have a sick child, AGAIN! So, with that being said, you have every right to be the way you are. We have to keep our babies well!


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