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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

We are still rolling sans computer. It's the pits, honestly. I'm trying NOT to obsess over the photos chronicling the first 3 months of Juliette's life stored within that are potentially lost forever, since we hadn't gotten around to backing up yet. I know, I know, they make these automated back-up devices now. You better believe one of those contraptions is on our Christmas List.

Despite my husband's teasing, I'm glad to be such an insane phone pic hoarder, even on this slow 3GS (who knew sev years ago that this phone would one day be considered "clunky"?). At least these grainy pics exist somewhere (ie, the palm of my hand only, atm...scary).

(many thanks to our computer magician, Robert, who is currently running hard drive intervention/witchcraft in an attempt to forage photos and other electronic treasures. Say a prayer for us.)

I have no idea what photos will look like coming from this blogger app but here goes nothing (can't size them or even place them, maybe). These pics were taken as a quick visual update, so accept my apologies for the obvious desk-messiness and poor lighting.

I saw a post from Little Green Notebook via babble about stuff you can do with your instagram photos. We Jerkins love us some instagram. This is a loose interpretation of one of the inspiration photos, which I'll link to later.

The start of something good:

Round two (after our computer went to the doctor):

I'm so excited! Our first round was sort of baby-heavy (acc to DH), so we tried to include more inanimate artsy stuff in this next round. I love the possibilities here! We're using these 3M removable wall stick things so I'm not worried about messing up the paint, and the photos can be changed around easily.


  1. Hey! Sorry that the computer went out. That is awful. Hey, have you thought that you've at least got access to the photos you put on Flickr /Picasa? You can print/download them from those sites. These sites are a form of back-up, if you will. I know it's likely not all your photos, but it is something.

  2. what a cool way to chronicle everyday life!


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