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Thursday, December 01, 2011

I screwed up our home computer. Had it plugged into the wall next to a perfectly good power strip. Why am I such a dummy? There were some power outages at our house last week and our computer was a victim. So here I type, on the blogger iPhone app, just to let you know I'm still here, just without my mode de communication.

And of course being computerless has made me more prone to thinking of more blog post ideas. Though, write them through this iPhone app, I will not.

Meanwhile, I am in search of a failsafe navy nail polish color. Any recommendations?


  1. Are you aware of my computer woes? Lost my hard drive. Tragic.

    Did you ever find some onesies for Juliette? I looked around and couldn't find much of anything that wasn't completely over priced. I used to get those kimono style gerber shirts and pair them with cute bloomers. Made diaper changes much easier!

  2. i wish you'd share your navy finds! i have russian navy by OPI but it has shimmer and i really don't care for a shimmer.

  3. Robert just told me about your hard drive, Hannah. That really stinks. Did you lose everything? He tells us there's a 65% chance of recovering the photos documenting Juliette's first three months of life. Nice.
    Also, no kimono onesies but whatev I guess. They want you to learn how to change diapers more proficiently and quickly too, I guess.

    MK--I haven't heard of any navy colors yet. I'm with you on the no-shimmer too.

  4. These are the kimono tops I was talking about. I'm unsure if they come in long sleeve. Seems like they do?


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