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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I wrote on Christmas Day that we were having a great day. And we did!

(Christmas socks from our sweet nurse Ashlee)

Around three in the afternoon, we were told that Juliette had made enough progress in her breathing that she was ready to go without the ventilator. She would still have to have oxygen through her nose, but she was strong enough to take breaths on her own. They stopped all her medicine drips (except an antibiotic), so she'd start to wake up. We would stay in the ICU until they were sure that she wouldn't have to get intubated again.

Around 6:30 on Christmas Night, the tube came out and we got to really see our precious little baby's face again, and what a wonderful sight it was! It was the best Christmas present we could have asked for.

She spent a little while reacquainting herself with air...sticking out her tongue a lot and moving her little head around, just taking it in and testing out making sounds. We each got to hold her, and told her over and over how much we love her and how well she did fighting that nasty old virus.

We went to sleep thankful and tired, but a good tired. She had worked hard over the past 8 days, and was finally reaping some reward.

(Tiny Toms from Aunt Martha...let's see how many photos of Juliette's feet I can post)

Monday, late morning, we were told to prepare to move upstairs to a "regular" room (a regular room includes a BATHROOM, the ability to have food, and more than three visitors at a time).

There are two things she has to do before we can blow this popsicle stand: breathe well on her own and eat on her own. By the end of today (Tuesday) she has almost accomplished item #1, which is amazing. We have item #2 yet to go.

We continue to appreciate your prayers for total healing of Juliette's body (and mind and spirit as well), and that she is able to get good rest over the next several days.

While it was definitely a different sort of Christmas than I envisioned (in every possible way), we still were able to spend time with our families...eating delicious food they prepared and brought up, and giving thanks for Juliette's progress.

Also, if you didn't know, Santa visits the ICU at LeBonheur!

So sweet!

Thank you for all of the messages, texts, good thoughts and prayers you've sent our way. They have definitely helped carry us through this whole ordeal.

We look forward to a very healthy and restful new year, Lord willing. Here's to hoping my next post will be from HOME!

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  1. Rosie7:07 AM

    We haven't met, but I follow your blog (and share your disgust for glitter). My heart dropped when I read about your precious baby. I am so happy she is getting better and will send prayers your way!

  2. i've been praying for you guys. glad there has been some improvement!

  3. Yes Santa does visit the PICU! Love the pic of her tree with the bow I used my mad bow making skills to make (the movie in the background is a perfect and appropriate touch)!

  4. Leslie, so happy you had good news to share! Still praying for you all.

  5. Leslie - Praying for Juliette and your family during this time! May God's love send comfort and peace.
    - Mollie Robinson Bailey


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