Some Stuff on a Wednesday

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

1. I'm good at eating leftovers. I get satisfaction from cooking something and eating all of it. This could be either lazy (b/c I don't want to cook every night) or green (can't have food go to waste) it what you will.

2. Parenthood is such a freaking good show. Just...yes. Every single week. And every single week, they get me with the tearing-up. On the other hand is Glee, which has been spiraling downward into the Land of I-Don't-Get-It. (Circle of Life, I guess. This time last year, I would've thought that show could do no wrong.)

3. This baby. Killing us with cuteness, one day at a time. I love this photo (posted it on Instagram the other day), because it looks like she has really defined deltoids. Hee hee.


4. My dear husband took the above photo with his new iPhone 4S. I'm on the one-month-eligibility-countdown for this puppy. CAN'T WAIT (mainly for that camera.. and my 2.5 yr old 3Gs is moving slower than Christmas).

5. Speaking of Christmas...thanks for the input on Christmas stockings. I'll let you know what ends up happening.

6. In Couch to 5K news...I've been actually doing the workouts (at the gym, at night, after Jules is asleep). Can't say the lbs are just melting off yet...but at least there is some regular physical exertion occurring. Something.

7. This Penn State thing is just beyond. I can't even wrap my mind around the layers of evil involved. Lord help us.

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  1. Totally agreed on Parenthood AND Glee. And leftovers. So basically, I agree on all accounts.


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