3 Months Old (9 days later)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sweet Baby Jules... (this is a long one)


You are so much fun!


We are having more and more fun with you every day. Your sweet little spirit has really shown itself to us this past month. You are doing more "talking"...laughing, cooing, and interacting with us through your little voice. We just can't get enough!


{Toppling over turns into glam pose}

Since you started school on your 2-month birthday, this entire month you've been in day care and you have just done great. Miss Sandra, Miss Carolyn, and Miss Sherrill have all been wonderful and you've done a good job adjusting (faster than Mommy did). {Sidebar: the going-back-to-work topic probably deserves its own post.}

Your teachers have helped you learn to go 3 hours between eating (great job!). You take 5 oz bottles at school and now eat on a very regular schedule (5 times/day total). I'm very thankful that you still are nursing great, too.

We're still working on getting your naps to become more regular, but you're sleeping well at night so I'm not too concerned. You usually go to sleep between 7:30-8 and sleep until I wake you up about 6:30. We take a bath every night (you love your whale tub) and we read a book before I swaddle you up.


You are really noticing things more, which has opened up a whole new world of playing with toys and looking at books. You like playing with your rings, watching the mobile on your friend Emery's swing, and Sophie the giraffe. But mostly, "playing" is laughing and talking with people.


You've also turned a corner and now take your paci pretty well. The world doesn't end without it, but you do now like it and it does its job of soothing you, especially before bed. You still love chewing on your fist most of the time.

We have so much fun taking you out and about! You're very agreeable and offer smiles to everyone.


This month we celebrated your first Halloween! Your daddy finally got his wish and had his very own turtle:


Your dad ordered your turtle costume (on ebay) when you were just a few weeks old, and had been trying it on you every couple of weeks until Halloween came. We just could NOT stop giggling when you were wearing it, you looked so cute.


The day before you turned 3 months old, you rolled over for the first time! You did it first at school, but again for Mommy and Aunt Martha that night. Even though your effort comes from frustration at being on your belly, I appreciate your concentration and strength in this new skill.

This past week, you and your daddy skipped school and watched your first (of many) Tigers games.


You weigh 14 lb 1 oz, and I don't know how long you are. (We need to get out the tape measure, Daddy). Also this month, we had to wave the white flag and officially call it quits on the cloth diapers (I'm planning a separate post addressing this). You're wearing size 2 diapers still and mostly in 3-6 months clothes.



I'll probably remember this as the month things became more real-life and less Twilight Zone.

We love you, precious Juliette. You are a joyful gift from God!

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