Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sorry for the all-caps, really. But I need the emphasis, for extra accountability.

Before Juliette was born, probably early on in the summer, I decided that I'd set a goal of running the Grizzlies 5K on December 3rd. That seemed like a reasonable amount of months to work back up to running 3 miles.

A mere year ago, this goal would not have seemed so daunting. I've run several half-marathons and a full marathon before (see this post). But you see, I got fairly large and unwieldy during my pregnancy, and perhaps a little earlier on than some(/most?).

I'd been going to spinning 3 times/week (which I love) in the mornings before work for several months before I got pregnant, and my doctor said it would be a great exercise to continue into the pregnancy. Had to take a brief hiatus because of alldaylong sickness at the beginning of pregnancy, but then kept pretty faithfully going until I was 6 months pregnant and couldn't balance on the bike very easily anymore. After that? Sort-of regular walks around the neighborhood was my sole source of exercise. I do wish I'd done more (like busted out that prenatal yoga DVD we bought at Target, whoops), but what can I say? It was hot and I felt as big as a cruise ship.

ANYWAY...right after sweet Juliette was born, I started wondering why I'd set this 5K goal. Although there is a cute baby to show for it, I'm horribly out of shape, and haven't been feeling the whole running thing (especially since presently, there's more of me to carry around).

When Sister told me about this Couch to 5K program, and I was intrigued. Tonight, I went on the first walk/run while Jonny was home with Baby. It was surprisingly feasible. Of course there was plenty of huffing and puffing, but the 20 minutes went by quickly.

To work full-time and have a baby and find time to exercise is supremely challenging. I've been really trying to give myself grace right now, and to not freak out that this is how I'll look (and feel) forever. It's totally have this new precious baby you adore and wouldn't trade anything for, but your body has been completely put through the ringer. {Yes, I've heard from plenty of mommies that you look up after 6 months-year (please more like 6 mos) and feel more like yourself again.}

Any tips for sneaking in exercise between work and baby?
(It's our second week with me back to work, btw, so we're def still settling in). Thankfully, Aunt Martha committed to running the race with me.

Here's hoping I'll be back in 6 months-to-a-year with a report on being back to "myself" (but who is she anymore, anyway? another post for another time).

But in the meantime, I'll be Couchto5King it for December 3rd. Fingers crossed!


  1. Jillian's 30 Day Shred is a really good (and short!) work out. Only 20 minutes, so it would be good for you since I know your after-work minutes are precious. And it could be good for when Jonny is gone or can't watch Juliette.

    BUT, give yourself a LOT of grace. You just cooked a beautiful, healthy baby girl, then went back to work. I have a hard enough time exercising and I don't work.


  2. I am so proud of you for the Cto5k program! I have several friends who have done it (many post-pregnancy) and only one made a triumphany return to the couch! The rest said it was just the kick in the pants they needed!
    Jillian's 30 day Shred is my go to workout for days when I end up showing houses and working later than planned and don't get the long workout in that I was planning on doing when I left home that am.
    I hope you are enjoying this weather because I am DYING.

  3. A few thoughts...
    1) Yes yes YES to giving yourself grace! You are so early on in this journey of getting your body back, and it's going to take time, so do what you can and know that it is a process. It's hard to find the balance between giving yourself a break and pushing yourself to do the work it takes to feel healthy again, but you'll find it soon!
    2) It seems like exercise videos after bedtime might be your best bet, or running with Juliette in the BOB or while J is home.
    3) That said, I tried Jillian's 30 Day Shred about 2 months post delivery and, to put it tactfully, my postpartum body just couldn't handle all the jumping. My oversized chest and floor? ;) made it an extremely uncomfortable workout for me. Might have felt that way about running too. So don't feel bad if you need to ease in with something more low impact!
    4) Weights and toning will be one of the biggest game changers. That was one of the biggest things I've gained from Jazzercise that really helped me see results from just losing the baby weight to getting that pre-baby body back a bit.

  4. what the heck, you are working full time & produced a gorgeous baby! hold your head up high and revel in the amazingness of all you are doing. :)

    as a non-mother, im way more intimated and impressed by those feats than by the bikini pics people put of themselves on facebook. :)

  5. I started Couch to 5K before I found out I was pregnant with Lilly. I loved it, and will definitely have to start it over from week 1 once I am able to again! Good luck--you'll do great!

  6. I don't know *anything* about this personally, but just based on my own exercise experience and that of friends post-baby, I would echo the comments about using some weights. 15 minutes of some key exercises and you'll definitely feel like you worked! Handweights are pretty inexpensive at Target.

    not sure what TV provider you have, but our Comcast plan features Exercise TV as one of the free OnDemand channels. I've found that many of their programs are REALLY good. they always have at least one Jillian Michaels video (she's hard!) and some great yoga ones.

    I've been doing a lot of yoga myself lately, in lieu of "skip" days--not only have they really helped me tone my upper body, it's also very centering and relaxing, which is also welcome.

    several of my friends have had great success with c25k. I love that you are pushing yourself and also treating yourself with grace; what wonderful modeling for sweet baby J!



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