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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

And for something not-baby (finally! some of you may say).

Here are two projects in our room that we got finished before the baby came.


Got some curtains hung behind our bed. You can barely see on the left of the window there, but there are two windows that we're disguising with these curtains (black ticking stripe from Premier Prints). Therefore, the right panel is just hung over the wall.

This is really the only wall of this bedroom where the bed can go (besides the wall the door is on; but I like being able to see the bed as you walk in the room, so that wasn't an option). So, we centered the bed over the right-side window (and had it like that for over a year, might I add, until we got around to these curtains).

They make all the difference in this room, seriously! I love walking in here now.

The quilt is one I bought in late spring from Target, in the name of something lighter for summertime and we've loved the weight and the change of the pattern. Our normal duvet is white matelasse (sp?) and matches those shams. It's getting close to duvet cover time (yay cool weather!).

You can also see the ikea hack night stands we made, inspired by this post.


We followed it pretty much to the T, including her hardware source. I don't know the total we spent on these, but I'm almost positive they ended up being less than $50/piece.

All that's left is recovering the cushion (and maybe painting?) the chair to the right of Jonathan's night stand, and getting some stuff hung on the walls. Oh, and a rug. I guess a rug is a pretty major item... but it's not on the near-future list.

And as much of an eyesore as that fan is...I'm so thankful for it. Especially this summer! I have a new found appreciation and love for ceiling fans, despite their aesthetic drawbacks (and even with our house sporting a new a/c unit).


As both of these projects were completed while I was very pregnant, I can only take credit for vision.

Thanks to Martha & Dudley for once again bringing their mad skills and helping hang the curtain rod (yall, they are amazing at this). And to my Granny for sewing the curtain panels (with blackout liner), and my friend Laura R for getting the border added to them. For the side tables: thanks to brother Michael for painting the drawer fronts. And my dearest love, Jonathan, of course, for doing the whole rest of the project.


  1. oh my gosh. i actually got overwhelmed with this post. a cute bedroom (that isn't staged for a shoot, but is actually "real") seems like a million years away from my life right now... but oh, i would love a pretty place like that to lay my head. well played.


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