One-Month Reflections

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

As usual, I'm a couple of weeks late on this one. I sat down to write this post the exact day she was one-month old (September 10), but the pressure of writing something profound and poignant about motherhood was too much, especially given the small window of time I had that day. I was then going to scrap this whole post because I missed the date, and she's even changed so much since then. BUT I thought these photos were too cute and hopefully will be able to post them every month on this here blog.

Juliette with her yet-unnamed bear:

1 month

Some things I've learned:

1) I had no idea. Just no idea. About what, you may ask? Um, everything. Those first several "bootcamp" weeks with a new baby are unlike anything I'd been through. It actually made the last weeks of pregnancy seem like summer camp (rash and all). Through the hazy 24-hour days (a "day" that became midnight to midnight instead of waking to sleeping), I wondered if life would ever be any kind of "normal" again. I'd go to sleep and have no clue when I'd wake human alarm clock came through the monitor. Also the constant scariness that I was going to "mess this up" ...thankfully, that suffocating feeling has passed (for the most part). Also? Those hormones right afterward? Man, they're something else.

{always looking to her left!}


2. Our family is awesome. They have been beyond supportive...but my favorite part is seeing how much they all love Juliette! With Jonathan's crazy school schedule, I have been completely thankful for the support and the company.

3. I didn't know I could love a tiny little human so much. There really aren't words to describe it. I guess the only thing that can scratch the surface of an illustration is this: no matter what time it is, no matter how tired I am, whenever I go in the nursery to rescue a crying Juliette, and I see her tiny sweet and helpless self looking up at me, I just cannot believe she's mine. My heart completely explodes with love for this little person and through sleepy eyes I just have to smile down at her needy little face.


1 month

{no thank you, Mommy, I'm done}

1 month

This whole thing is such a miracle. I really feel like I've done nothing but be a vehicle for God's graciousness to us.


Bye bye!


  1. it's been such a fun month spoiling this little cutie!! I love her!

  2. oooh, great post!

    Amen to all of them. (Especially the hormones! oh the hormones)

    I had a similar experience yesterday when I got Felicity out of bed from her nap. It had only been <2 hours, but I was so excited to see her! How can that be?!

    love you and your sweet girl. (And I wish I had had the foresight to F's monthly pics sitting up, because laying down on her back for a pic? ha! doesn't happen. At least not without tears)

  3. I love your comments. I totally agree with everything. I don't think you can know what this while process is like (pregnancy, caring for a newborn) unless you go through it yourself. You read, you talk to people, but you really don't know until you live it. It is tough!!

    And yes, the love you feel for her is crazy awesome, isn't it? My goodness, do I love Sylvie! I can't stand to be apart from her for too long. She's my little sidekick, I like to have her with me! :)


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