iPhone Baby

Friday, September 09, 2011

Greetings from the land of all things baby!

Don't worry... We've taken photos of Juliette with our good camera.

Here are just several daily-life photos I've taken of her with my phone over the past several weeks. [Some of them are from instagram, so I'm sorry if you've already seen some of these.]

Here you can see her little "sprout" hair--Jonathan calls her his little Eggplant (and thanks to her friend Emery for lending this cutie pie Polo outfit):


She loves being outside and going on walks:


On our way to church for the first time, wearing a dress that was mine as a baby:


I had grand plans of getting a good picture of her in that dress after church. But alas, she had the biggest poop of her life (yep, blowout) so it was not to be. The best laid plans...

Loves sleeping on Mommy (in fact, if she could only sleep on someone's chest, I think she would...)


And Daddy:


Her brother Red is doing great during this transition, btw.

A "milk coma" face:




And the one that was not to be:


Poor baby!

{p.s. I'm SO ready for the next generation iPhone and its rumored awesome camera! Otherwise her life's documentation will be, for the most part, very pixellated.}


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