Making Summer Pregnancy a Little Bit Pleasant-er

Thursday, August 04, 2011

What? Pleasant-er isn't a word. I know, I know.

I wanted to document and share the things that have made being pregnant in the heat of the summer (my least favorite season by a mile, as yall know) a little more bearable. Cause even I'll admit that there are some good things about summer (ice cream, anyone?).

1) I got this shea butter early in my pregnant to rub on my belly...I wouldn't say that it's prevented anything, but it feels nice on my stretched-out skin and probably doesn't hurt anybody.

shea butter

{Since The Rash, I've been using Sarna lotion. What a great invention that stuff is. Also, I'm doing a lot better on that front, btw.}

2) I got this SWEET maternity tankini from Old Navy, a la this:


...and have been taking full advantage of open invitations to "come anytime" and swim at friends' pools. And by swim, I mean float (although this week, I've done some water-treading to try to help get things moving luck so far). There is nothing like the feeling of getting in a swimming pool right now. It's completely amazing.

3) Lemon water: recommended to help with swollen feet. I'm not 100% sure it's cured me or anything, but it is very tasty and refreshing.


4) Cantaloupe! CANNOT GET ENOUGH!


(via pinterest)

I never ate cantaloupe, like for my whole life, until last summer while eating lunch over at Jesse's. She was cutting a fresh one and I tried it again just for kicks and have loved it ever since. Thanks, Jess!

5) Making ice cream in our little ice cream maker (some recipes from last summer here and here). We've made vanilla, mint chocolate chip, strawberry, and mango sorbet (and my dad has made peach and chocolate mint too...mmm!).

ice cream maker

Normally I'm not the HUGEST ice cream fan, but this year I've been craving it. Like, bad.

{Speaking of which, I could combine the previous two items and make this cantaloupe sorbetto. Mmmm!}

6) And finally, rocking my world via Netflix instant queue is Friday Night Lights:


I'm three episodes behind So You Think You Can Dance because if I'm watching TV, I want to be watching FNL. So freaking good. I'm dreading the day it's over!

So those are some things that have helped me along these past couple of weeks. I've made a conscious effort to not complain about the heat. It's obviously hot. I'm obviously about to pop out this baby. Thus, I'm obviously/naturally hot.

Yall have any hot-weather tricks of your own?


  1. I know it's not pregnancy-friendly, but we make a LOT of cold-brew iced coffee in the summahtime. recently have become obsessed with putting almond milk in it, mmm so creamy good!

    and we drink a ton of smoothies.

    and I bought a cheap popsicle mold and have been whirring up fresh fruit in the blender with a little simple syrup & freezing. sometimes I'll infuse the syrup with a spice (cardamom & ginger last time) for a little something different, but given how good summer fruit is, they're so delicious solo.

    glad you are taking good care of yourself while Juliette takes her sweet time!

  2. I freeze blueberries, watermelon, cherries, and eat it right out of the freezer. I use Eucerin lotion/cream on what I call the "three Bs" - Boobs, butt, belly - and yes, swimming and late evening walks plus a little vitamin C water helps to keep leg pains away - and my feet have only swollen in the most minor way, 3 days before my due date here. As for other pregnancy side effects, some things just can't be cured, but a little book a friend loaned me called "Pregnancy Sucks" at least allows me the opportunity to laugh about it...and then cry.

  3. mmm... your ice cream recipes were quite inspiring last summer. still regretting that i don't own an ice cream maker. can't wait to see baby pics... still rooting for aug 11!

  4. mmmmm, friday night lights. Coach Taylor and Tim Riggins rock my world by satisfying both the nice guy and lovable bad boy crushes. Love it. :)

  5. I watched all but the last season of FNL while I was on maternity leave. I still haven't watched the last one because I'm afraid of it being over. Seriously.

    Also- Juliette is so beautiful. Serious about that too!


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