Sewing for Baby: Burp Cloths

Friday, July 08, 2011

Martha mentioned these on her recent post, but I wanted to show some more pics for yer.

Back in the early stages of my pregnancy, I came across this burp cloth tutorial via my blogging buddy sabbespot's blog. I thought they were so cute and loved the endless fabric possibilities.

After sewing a couple things (two summers ago), I hadn't made anything really since those first few projects.

I emailed the link to this tutorial off to my friend Erin (who sewed the most gorgeous quilt for her daughter can kinda see it in the background of their picture on this post), who confirmed that this was a novice enough project for a dodo seamstress like me.

So, under Martha's tutelage & supervision, we set up the Sister Sweatshop and got to work:

(my favorite cotton boll fabric from Joann!)

We also did some applique (is that the right term?) on a few of these bibs:

So fun and will make great baby gifts too! I definitely recommend this tutorial if you're looking for an easy sewing project with a sweet result. Thanks for your help, Marth!

*UPDATE forgot to mention, we used plain cream or white flannel as the backs. I'll put a pic on my next post.

p.s. Can we talk about how I hate the term "burp cloth" ??? There's got to be a better one out there...


  1. I love the Texas inspired one! You know Elliot will need a Grizzlies logo once I figure out how to sew!

  2. Anonymous3:02 PM

    Oh my goodness! these are so much cuter than the ones I made!! Lanier Grim would say this means you are going to be such a good mom. She associates good crafting with good parenting:)

  3. Those are lovely. I love all the various fabrics. I just used white cloth diapers for Sylvie. Not cute. However, they were super absorbent!

    Agree with you about the term burp cloth. Sylvie was a "happy spitter" (funny term too) so liquid was constantly pouring out of her mouth. It was definitely not confined to burping. Kind of like how morning sickness was an all day event. That kind of thing. ;)

    Good luck in these last few weeks. I remember having to sleep practically sitting up towards the end of my pregnancy b/c of reflux. Nice, right?

    I hope you enjoy this time with your hubby and that you are feeling good. Take care!

  4. Everything was so...adorable! We all need to have a sewing gathering one day or night. Lincoln and I loved her nursery, Lincoln the tools more than anything. We can't wait for her to come!!

  5. cutest. burp cloths(burpies?not much better). ever

    and I like how I'm referenced in such a way that makes me sound like i know what i'm doing. ha! but thanks!

  6. Upchuckies? Belch bibs? "Excuse me"s? LOL Yeah, no good ideas here either. I'll keep thinking. :)

  7. So cute! May be inspired to get the sewing maching working again! :)

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