Nursery Part IV: The Tour

Monday, July 25, 2011



The ole yarn wreath, as you walk in!

Welcome to the room that has consumed so much thought, energy, and effort in the past several months. I know it's unlikely to spend this much thought/energy/effort on future nurseries...but this was really fun to put together.

{I will write more specifically about our Chair Journey later this week.}


The scrabble art was inspired by this photo I found on pinterest. I used letters from a travel scrabble game we had (and weren't using) and a shadow box frame from ikea. The little fox print is from here (Jonathan loves foxes), and the mirror is from Urban Outfitters. Oh, and I instantly fell in love with that plate from anthropologie. Such beautiful colors.


The yellow lamp was Jonathan's grandmother's (his grandad made it from a vase when they lived in Indonesia and carried it back to the States--it was her favorite). The succulent planter was Jonathan's other grandmother's. And the pink pillow on the bottom shelf my almost-91-year-old granny made and embroidered for little Jules (there is a matching blanket, waiting in the hospital bag for coming-home purposes). And yes, the square frames still need photos.


So thankful for those plantation shutters that were there when we moved in. It gets so dark in here (and for that reason, I didn't get the curtains made wide enough to close).


(Thanks Uncle Michael & Aunt Jamie for the adorable frog humidifier!)

My friend aka personal hero Laura R. hooked me up with a wonderful seamstress here in town who made the bedding and curtains. She did a beautiful job at a very reasonable price (and I was VERY fortunate to have found all of the fabric in the $4/yard section of Johnson's Fabrics...and then to get 15% off of that!). I asked her specifically to make the velcro straps for the bumpers to keep it a little smoother-looking than ties, as well as the pleated crib skirt. {I didn't necessarily want the fabric's girliness to be enhanced by bows or fluffy pleats, if that makes sense.} THANK YOU LAURA for your help on this!


My granny made and embroidered the little blanket above with her name on it (and Mandi did the letter template).

From the doorway (I'd love to get a new light fixture--something like this maybe?--but must say that on a day like today, we were thankful for the fan!):


{That doorway in the corner goes to a bathroom which connects to our bedroom. So she'll be sleeping about ten steps away from where we sleep!}

Jonathan & my friend Laura H. (showed some of her handiwork here) sanded and painted the dresser (mentioned in Nursery chapter 2 here, where you can see its former state). Laura helped me pick the color (white beet by Sherwin Williams), and she found the hardware at an antique shop downtown, which we spray-painted gold.


The changing pad tray was built by Mandi's talented husband Grant (from wood he already had, no less!), from this tutorial I found, and Jonathan painted it.

The coup de grace of the whole room, aka my favorite part, is the family tree wall above the dresser, inspired from lay baby lay, here. (I even used her frame source for the gold frames.)

The Romeo & Juliet quote artwork (Jonathan's idea) was done by our friend Andrea (who also did the piece shown in this post, which has a spot by the door, not pictured).


Uncle Stephen helped curate the photos for Jonathan's side of the family. Thanks, Steve.

One more look at the whole shebang with Jonathan's panoramic stitch iphone app:


We still have just a few tiny things left, like photos for those few frames, attach the knobs on the closet doors (which btw, were a project in and of themselves...they were formerly full-mirrored doors, thanks Jonny & Dad!), and getting the monitor set up.

You can see a few shots of the room before its baby transformation here.

All the photos for this post were taken and edited by my wonderful husband.

This was truly a collaborative effort by so many nice friends & family members. THANK YOU THANK YOU for all the help we had!

Honestly, I kind of feel vulnerable sharing all these pictures of a room that we've poured so much energy and love into. But there you have it... I can't wait to spend time with our daughter in this peaceful space.

*Update: wall paint color is Glass Slipper by Benjamin Moore, and the rug (our main splurge of the room) is a bound piece of carpet, "Argyle Trellis" in brown from Kiser's here in Memphis.


  1. It's beautiful! I love it and can't wait for her to get here...hopefully soon!

  2. I love the nursery--you can tell lots of love was poured into it!

    Can you share the paint color you used on the walls and where you got the rug?


  3. It's simply perfect! Love it!
    Kristen Gambill

  4. i like it looks so cozy!! the perfect new home for a babe!

  5. Pretty as the Morning...see update at the end of the post for your answers. Thanks!

  6. I could sit in this room forever- all cozy in that chair! :)

    It couldn't be more perfect, Leslie.

    Hurry up, Juliette!

  7. Anonymous2:23 PM

    Love it, who did the fabric? I am looking for someone to help me with curtains.

  8. Merci for the tour. It's so charming, full of family love, and serene. You did a wonderful job, momma!

  9. so in love with your nursery! all of the thoughtful details, the intention, the family that will surround her as she grows...what a lucky little girl!

  10. Very well done. I like how it feels collected and timeless. Very sweet. I also like how you worked the air vent into the family tree collage. You don't even notice it!


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