Nursery Part III: Door Yarn Wreath

Monday, July 11, 2011

This probably shouldn't even count as its own nursery post but what the heck. It's technically part of the nursery.

I finished this about a month ago, and have been enjoying it every time I walk into Juliette's room.

My friend Leslie P (also married to a Jonathan!) made some super-cute clips with these little rosettes and told me how easy they were, so I thought they'd look cute on a yarn wreath (which are so popular on the interwebs these days) for the nursery door.

This isn't the exact link I used, but it contains instructions for both the yarn wreath and the rosettes, here.

After placing all the rosettes on the wreath and hot-gluing them on, I thought it needed a little personalization. So for the letter, I cut out a "J" in felt in two different sizes and sewed them together with embroidery thread. Then, I cut out a cardboard backer for the letter and hot-glued it to the felt letters. I hot-glued the whole thing to the wreath, which I then looped with a ribbon and thumb-tacked to the top of the door (ie, no visible holes in the door).

Seriously easy and CHEAP! Felt and a foam wreath form and yarn on sale = cheap. I think this whole thing probably cost around $7 maybe (with yarn and felt to spare).

Once I get more stuff cleaned up and hung up in her room, I'll show you more things we've done. (I really dislike showing half-finished projects, ya with me?)

oh, and p.s. I made an addendum to my last post re the burp cloths: forgot to mention that they're backed in cream or white flannel (good absorbency, right?), bought by the yard at Hancocks (something like this).


  1. Oh, how great minds think alike! JUST finished hanging a yarn wreath with rosettes on my bathroom door this morning! :) Love the little "J" and can't wait to meet the girl behind the initial SOON!


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