July 4th Weekend

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

The 3-day weekend started out fantastically: I woke up Saturday morning and found this box on my front porch:

A brown-paper-package-tied-up-with-string! And what was inside?

GINGERSNAPS! (can you think of a better Saturday morning surprise?)

The card read "Finally caught up with your blog and hope these satisfy your craving!" My dear/lifelong friend Polly had sent these (referencing this post), and lemme tell you...these cookies are DELICIOUS. They're from Polly's friend's company, Baking for Good, which donates 15% of your purchases to the charity of your choosing. THANK YOU THANK YOU Polly! Baby Jules & I are greatly enjoying these treats. :)

We got a ton of work done in the nursery this weekend, which didn't really leave me much time/energy for baking this year, unfortunately.

Poor, confused kitty. He's thinking, "What are all these strange things you're bringing into my house?" The past several nights when going to sleep, he's turned in circles and meow'ed right at my belly. He knows something is up (but probably not how truly earth-shattering it will be).

The annual neighborhood parade started the 4th off with a bang:

(brother Scott, Dudley, and Martha)

Wish I'd gotten more photos! Baby + I lasted most of the whole thing in the heat but it took the rest of the afternoon to recover. We headed to the Turman/Humber/Guinn/Carter/Jerkins annual cookout in the evening, completely with these fantastic sugar cookies by Lori and fireworks!

(these have recipes, from when I wasn't a slacker)

2010 July 4th post
2009 July 4th post

Hope yall's weekend was a fantastic celebration of our country!

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