I Can't Wait!

Friday, July 15, 2011

We're going this afternoon! (and catching it in 3D)

Wonder if they're going to look so grainy and dirty the whole time?

I was in the 12th grade when the first Harry Potter movie came out (I think?). My mom took me, brother, and sister to the midnight showing. I finished the book about 1 hour before the movie started...and thus began the tradition of finishing each book pretty close to its corresponding movie release (sometimes the day-of, sometimes the week or month-of). So I didn't stay ahead plot-wise beyond the next movie. It was a fun way to go through the series (except, obviously, I've read all of #7 before Part I came out since the movie was in two parts...I didn't know where the split would be, nor could I put it down).

Jonathan asked me last night if I thought our kids would like these movies and/or books. I don't see why in the world they wouldn't? They're magic! (har har har)


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