Bon Weekend!

Friday, July 01, 2011

{And what a happy & fortuitous time for it to be a 3-DAY weekend at that!}

You know our fam does July 4th up big... it's probably my favorite holiday besides Christmas.

So I'll be back next week with what all goes down this weekend.

In the meantime, here're some cute things I'm looking at on etsy...

Some Turkish bath towels for your weekend swim:

An adorable dress for my baby girl who-isn't-born-yet-but-will-someday-be-this-size-and-most-likely-in-the-summertime-of-next-year:

Finally, this dresser. I think it's brilliant.

Yes, I'm on Pinterest. Still kinda figuring out how it works (what's the difference between a "like" and a "pin" ?) but it is a beautiful place for some beautiful photos and ideas.

Have a wonderful and patriotic time!


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