This is Not a Joke

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A week ago Monday, we found out that our air-conditioning unit would have to be replaced. Amidst the quote process, several trained professionals got the existing to putter along at 75 degrees until yesterday.

Now it's all over. And this is now our reality.

(You may or may not remember this post from last more repairs are possible, I'm told.)

I'm very thankful to live in town with family. Red is at Kitty Camp (thank you Nana & Papa!) and my parents live very close by (so it's easy to go back and forth for stuff).

I think the only reason I am not totally freaking out (while having definitely freaked out partially) with the whole I'm-7-months-pregnant-in-the-summer-and-my-air-gone-broke thing is because God is giving me grace. That's the plain truth. He continues to provide for us even when I don't ask! And I'm thankful.


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