Her Name

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Juliette Taylor

We've loved Juliette for years (and adore it paired with Jerkins)
...and Taylor is my given middle name

Beautiful watercolor that my wonderfully talented friend Andrea made her:

Our criteria was finding a name that everyone knew, but one that wasn't overused and had lots of personality on its own. {As active as she's been in my belly, it seems like she's going to have plenty of personality!}

Can't wait to put a face with a name :)


  1. so sweet! Lincoln has that sock elephant and I love him. Her bedroom looks adorable can't wait to see it!

  2. i can't wait to put a face with her pretty name either!

    love love love that sweet watercolor. it took me a sec to see that the bunting had her name on it. so sweet

  3. Diana9:45 AM

    I'm so glad Andrea shared her talent with you in such a darling way. She had a pic on her phone that she showed me last night, but this is a better.

  4. Karolyn1:44 PM


  5. oh leslie, I am so excited for ya'll!!! sweet Juliette, it's a name that's both sweet/young and sophisticated/grownup. what a lucky little girl indeed.


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