Dear Well-Meaning People,

Thursday, June 02, 2011

I know you are nice and looking for something to say to the awkward, round preggo lady walking your way. And, honestly, I've maybe said one or both these to other people in the past. I had no idea what would become slightly annoying to hear when you’re pregnant. But here are a couple for you. And here are my thoughts on ' this is my blog.

Let me also say to my local compadres: if you’ve said one of these to me, I do not hate you forever. Nor do these even make me mad or ticked off--I've just been ruminating. These are by no means the worst I’ve heard so far or even hurtful necessarily—mainly just funny.

Without further ado:

Number 1: “You look SOOOO pregnant” or “You are SOOOOO pregnant!”

People, this is what happens when you’re 7 months pregnant. You’re. Pregnant. So yes, I’m SO pregnant. What did you expect to happen when you found out I was preg back in February? Nothing? To a lady who's hormonal and insecure about looking a way she's never looked before in her life, this can translate to, "you look huge!" See?

Number 2:
Person: “When are you due?”
Me: “August 12th”
Person: “Oh, you will get the whoooooole summer to be miserable!”
“You are going to be sooooo hot this summer”
“Oh honey, you are going to just melt in the heat. You’ll have to stay completely inside.”

Believe me, I am fully aware how hot I will be in June and July. I am fully aware it’s summer. I have been aware of it and gritted my teeth through it for the last 26 years of my life. And (if you saw my belly in person), I’m not sure when you thought this baby would come out and I’d be able to somehow MISS summer weather? This child’s arrival is obviously impending, and it’s just now June.

And I promise you, if you knew me at all (which, these well-meaning strangers don’t but here you go), you’d know that August has previously been my least favorite month of the entire year. After this, I don’t even expect to really love it beyond loving my child and the fact that we’ll celebrate her birthday during this month every year. So yes, I know it'll be hot.

However, it is the Lord’s providence for me to have this child in the summertime (maybe to teach me a much-needed lesson about complaining?); and, you can’t always plan your children’s birthdays exactly when you want them. We are thrilled to be having this baby, whether it’s coming in August or January. So we'll take the blessing that it is and deal with the heat as necessary.

A Hormonal Pregnant Lady


  1. Here's another one..."Are you sure there aren't twins in there?"

    Yes, I'm sure. Thank you.

  2. It drove me crazy when I would tell someone my due date and they would reply with how many months/weeks I had left. Really? I'm pregnant, not stupid.

  3. Girl, you look radiant and right on target for where you are in this whole thing!

    My favorite obnoxious comment while I was pregnant: "Wow, you're looking ripe!"

    As in, oozing, rotten fruit.


  4. The store manager at my local grocery store said "you need to lay off the cheesecake" I think I gave him the dirtiest look I have ever given anyone! He replied by saying, "I wanted to be original, since i bet you are tired of hearing the same thing."

    I would take polite over original, thanks though :)

  5. As a mom to an August baby, summer wasn't as awful as I thought it would be.

    And for future reference, outdoor birthday cookouts in August are a really bad idea!!! It can be 70 degrees the whole week before, but it will never fail to jump to 100 on the day of the party.

  6. Laura and I had this talk tonight. Things to add to the list...You're life will never be the same. Ok thanks, we figure that. Sleep while you can..Oh I didn't know we could bank those sleep hours, awesome


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