Cloth Flower Wreath

Thursday, June 23, 2011

This past Saturday, Martha and I each made a cloth flower wreath, like the one Mandi had on her front door at my baby shower, using this flower tutorial.

It's been so enjoyable to see it when coming in the door everyday this week!

These really are so easy, just like Mandi told us they were, but I thought I'd share some little nuances that we discovered.

We cut our strips of scrap fabric about 1.5" wide and the length of a yardstick (36" obvi) and ironed them flat. We did her step of hemming one end for the first few, but I don't really see the benefit/point of can just hide the end where you start your stitches at the bottom of the flower.

After loosely loosely stitching all the way down one side of the fabric strip and pulling it taut, you kind of arrange it into the flower shape you want...

and then iron it flat. We sewed the buttons on a few of these with loose stitches from underneath the center of the flower...but most of them we hot-glued on.

We used half the little piece of cardboard that the buttons came on as the backer. This gave us something more secure when gluing/attaching the flower to the actual wreath.

Voila! here's Marth's:


fabric: on-hand
needle/thread: on-hand
hot glue: on-hand
$4.99 for the wreath from Michaels (if we'd had a 40% off coupon, would've been 2.99)
$4-ish for the colored buttons from Hancocks (we didn't have the big colorful ones in inventory that we wanted to use)

Total: around $9

woo hoo! Thanks, Mandi, for spying this one!


  1. You're welcome! I think I know why I like y'alls so much... I didn't iron my pieces and I tore some of them (for time sake) instead of cutting. Maybe I'll do another one sometime :)

  2. these are beautiful!

  3. Super cute. I love how easy the flowers are. Just found your blog when I did a search for flower wreath.


  4. saraleach8:39 PM

    how did you get the flowers to fold like a fan? first time to do anything like this. I hope you see this post asap.

  5. I ironed down the pleats once we sewed those loose stitches.

  6. saraleach11:28 AM

    ok, i should have asked this last night.... how do you do loose sitches? what setting do you put it on. Thanks so much for being quick to answer. I'm have a shower here at my house on Saturday!

  7. Use needle and thread instead of machine! Our stitches were at least 1.5" wide.

  8. saraleach12:17 PM

    ohhhh ok.... thanks so much.....!!!


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