Nursery Part II: Dresser Top vs Changing Table

Monday, May 23, 2011

Little Girl has a dresser to her name already, which is destined to be painted (again) very soon.

This guy, which we acquired last summer from our good friends, the Reasons.

(hilarious to see the green-painted mirrors that used to be in the nursery when we moved in. glad they are long gone.)

The glossy black color scheme was my idea, and though this is a bad photo, it really didn't turn out as I'd imagined.

Preparing the nursery is the perfect excuse for a fresh start!

So, it seems that the whole use-the-top-of-your-dresser-as-a-changing-table-surface has become fairly ubiquitous, with one of those changing pads + diaper accessories on top. I have spoken with several very passionate changing table users (two of them being my parents), but I already have this dresser in-hand, and I like its height and length. It just needs a paint job!

Here's what's been inspiring me:

This beautiful blue dresser:

Little more fancy white one:

This more mid-century guy:

Not for a changing top, but I love the color, via Making it Lovely:

And (also not for a changing top, but just because it was a great deal and super cute) THIS ONE I HAD THE CHANCE TO BUY AND WAS AN IDIOT AND DIDNT BUY IT AND OF COURSE IT WAS GONE WHEN I WENT BACK (from Sheffield's Antique Mall here in town):


At first I was thinking something in the green family (my fave color), because greens can look so nice with blue (the wall color). But my friend Laura encouraged me to consider something in the pale pale pink family, with gold hardware perhaps.

I'm resistant to painting it white/cream, because I don't want it to match the crib. All-matching furniture is not really what I'm aiming for in this room.

Any other brilliant ideas out there? Or does anyone have any strong opinions about changing tables vs. using the top of a dresser?

It's fun having a piece that we already own that is such a blank canvas (although it will definitely need a good sanding/priming)!

{My heartburn & I are headed to bed! We have a new curfew.}


  1. I like the idea of painting it a pale pink as well


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