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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Prepare for brain/iphone pic dump.

After attending the Grizzlies' heartbreaking triple-overtime loss last night (the game ended at 12:45 am!), today was one of those days when I wish it were acceptable to wear sunglasses inside.

To my out-of-town friends who may have heard about the historic Mississippi River flooding in Memphis & surrounding areas: we are fine. Our house is fine, we are not in danger. It is a terrible situation for many people in our area, and our hearts and prayers go out to them.

But yes, the river has not been this high since 1937. It's insanely huge.

Downtown Memphis:

That there's the biggest river I ever done seen.

Next, we are slowly slowly slowly working on the landscaping in our front yard. You may remember last summer, we re-sodded. This year so far, we have cleaned out the beds and lined them with stone. Unfortunately we haven't decided/purchased what to fill them with just yet.

Nonetheless, here's our little coral bark Japanese maple in its new home at the corner of the house, by the carport:

(You can also see a Jasmine vine that I am trying to establish on the side of the carport. I miss my old one.)

So fun looking at baby girl clothes!

I haven't bought anything because I have no idea what size she will be (big or small for her age, etc.)...

But it's insanely fun to look at these cute rompers and imagine a little girl toddling around someday!

{When I picture what she'll look like, I automatically think of her looking like a mini-Jonathan. Mixed with Suri Cruise for some reason. No idea why.}

Mother's Day Gifts:

My lifelong friend Laura is an extremely talented artist & calligrapher. She penned our moms' and grandmothers' names for me; I scanned and had some stationery printed up (should've gotten a better pic):

Laura also did the calligraphy for this address stamp I had made (rubberstampchamp is awesome! and awesomely cheap):

If you're in the Memphis area looking for some custom calligraphy, I can put you in touch with her (hope I don't get in trouble with her for this unsolicited advertisement...I just think her work is so beautiful!).

Going to get some shut-eye! Go Grizz!

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  1. Can I just say how much I L-0-V-E those rompers at Target!! If I only had a little girl but I wouldn't give my little boy back for anything.


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